Mestre Waldemar - Eu cantei a Capoeira

Historic recordings of Mestre Waldemar Rodrigues da Paixão

01 - Valente Vilela (1951) - by Mestre Zacarias
02 - Todo mundo quer ser bom (1989) - by Mestre Waldemar
03 - Eu ja vivo enjoado (1989) - by Mestre Waldemar
04 - Era eu, era meu mano (1951) - by Mestres Waldemar and Traíra
05 - Valente Vilela (1989) - by Mestre Waldemar
06 - Eu vim de onde não vai (1989) - by Mestre Waldemar
07 - Eu já canto há muitos anos (1989) - by Mestres Waldemar and Paulo dos Anjos
08 - Toques de berimbau (1951)
09 - Igreja do bonfim (1989) - by Mestres Waldemar and Paulo dos Anjos
10 - Mestre Waldemar talks (1989)

The album "Mestre Waldemar - Eu Cantei a Capoeira" contains recordings of the great master, performed in 1951 by american researcher Anthony Leeds.

It also contains recordings made in 1989, during a roda at Salvador (Bahia, Brazil) which celebrated Mestre Paulo dos Anjos' birthday.

The CD was produced by members of the online community "Mestre Pastinha", and is intended to help Mestre Bigodinho, disciple of  Mestre Waldemar. 

All the profit will be given to Mestre Bigodinho.

Price: R$15,00 (fifteen brazilian reais) + postal expenses

Our thanks to Mestre Burguês, for giving access to the 1989 recordings.