Welcome to Camp Nedooae Web Site

As you have no doubt heard there is an increasing demand of having to fill in forms, file reports, and so on as a result of camp/property compliance. This emphasis is needed, not only to ensure Scouts Canada continues to receive liability insurance, but also to make sure our Scouters are covered under the same insurance.

At the same time, it ensures our camp and properties are safe for the youth and adults who use them for program activities.

An "Application to Use Camp Nedooae" must now be completed before each and every visit to Camp Nedooae, to survey sites for events such as Lodges & Lairs, Operation Alert, Wood Badge and other training courses, or just for a relaxing walk through the woods.

For many, this represents a shift from past years, but Camp Nedooae is not exempt from the rules. By having a record of all camp visits, it helps tally the "days" the camp is used.

You will find posted on the web site at the Application to Use Camp Nedooae, the Rules and Regulations, and how to get to the camp from three directions. Please feel free to download and use these forms so your visit can be recorded.

On behalf of the Camp Committee, I encourage you and your group to visit Camp Nedooae and enjoy its 265 acres - 10 acres of open fields and 255 acres of woods, nature trails, and beautiful lake.

Camp Nedooae is a great place for a day hike or overnight camp.