Girl Scout Summer Camp

We're unique - Volunteer run & Girl led

Camp Juliette is overseen by Girl Scouts of Western Washington. Our camp is steered by the girls that attend. All girls advance through a progression of skills, appropriate to their grade level. This allows the older girls to actually use the leadership skills they have learned. The adults are all volunteers and provide the framework and safety so that everyone can have a great experience.

The 2017 theme is Harry Potter, as decided by the girls, during the 2016 camp. 

This year will be our first at Panhandle Lake. We will have swimming: including the Polar Plunge and Flo Chad. We will have boating, archery, art, lots of Harry Potter themed fun and more. 

NON-Girl Scouts welcome: simply register on the GSWW website, pay the $15 membership fee.

Camp Juliette adheres to the Girl Scout edict of pluralism. We do our best to accommodate all girls. Special diets and medical needs may be overcome with special planning.