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Girl Scout Summer Camp

We are a fun bunch of people who are dedicated to the camp experience we provide, and the girls that attend.  Every adult at camp is a volunteer, and spends many hours training to keep the girls safe and having fun. Our Waterfront people are all certified by the Red Cross. We observe the Girl Scout ratio guidelines at all times.  Our Health volunteers are nurses with years of experience. 

GRADE LEVEL: Girls in grades one through six are grouped by grade so that our activities are appropriate for each age level.  Each unit will have at least 2 adults and 2 girls that are from grades 9 -12.  7th and 8th grade girls are responsible for teaching songs and campfire entertainment. They also work on other material that helps prepare them to lead the younger girls when they are old enough.

FOOD; We have most meals at The Lodge of Nations in a family style setting; breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, snack daily. There will be one meal that the girls will make at their unit program shelter. The older girls that lead each unit, help decide the menu at our "Camp Jam" May training session.

NON-GIRL SCOUTS WELCOME:  All girls and parents are welcome - even if you are not yet a Girl Scout yet, it is only $15 to registerIt takes a moment and $15 covers the whole year.  

We all work very hard to make Camp unique, positive, inclusive, and absolute best experience for your daughter.  For any other questions, our email address is: campjuliette@comcast.net  please feel free to contact us.  We also have private Facebook pages for the different PA and adult groups.

For other Girl Scout information, please visit:

https://www.girlscoutsww.org  Our local council - Girl Scouts of Western Washington

http://www.girlscouts.org/  National Girl Scouts site