Star Gazing, Galena Bridge Free Camp Area - Western Australia

This site is dedicated to making camping comfortable!

If camping is comfortable, it is fun. After all, us guys can handle roughing it, but how do you think your wife or teenage kids will handle a week in the bush without a hot shower, music, or movie? Todays appliances are power hungry and power systems suitable for camping can be complex and expensive to install. The good news is that they don't have to be!

This site intends to offer some simple solutions to some common issues when it comes to power requirements and supplies when in the bush.

I would encourage readers to join in on discussions (click on Discussion Group Link on the left) and post ideas, comments, successes and failures. Also very happy to hear about your holidays and great locations to see!

My name is Jason and I have a young family here in Western Australia. I'm onto my third Camper Trailer now and love showing the kids this great country of ours. Making this experience as comfortable as possible is pretty high on my priority list. I have included a page dedicated to our current and past setups, to share the experience and our view of the pros and cons to different styles of camper trailers. Being an Electronic Engineer, I have some specific ideas about power systems, lighting and entertainment. Particularly, I love the idea of full system integration with connections for the car, solar power and a generator.

It's not just about the electrics though, with information available on Hot Water, Water Pumps, Tents, Trailers, Kitchens, Products, Camping Companies and even Camping Apps and Web Sites . Text shown in Red is clickable and will generally take you to the Terminology page to show definitions.

See you out there!