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Fleetwood/Coleman Parts - Frequently Visited Webpage!

During the summer, this webpage receives 100-200+ visits per day,

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Fleetwood/Coleman stopped manufacturing 
popup campers in January 2011

Columbia Northwest aquired the designs and 
introduced a new line of pop-ups named Somerset

In September 2011 Somerset by Columbia Northwest announced they:
  • Aquired the designs from Fleetwood/Coleman
  • Staffed the company with key former employees of Fleetwood/Coleman 
  • Used nearly the same design and many common unique parts like Fleetwood/Colemans
  • Named the "Somerset" camper line after the legacy of quality, built by the Fleetwood / Coleman plant in Somerset, PA
Common parts may be available if still carried in the new models of Somerset Campers
Older unique parts no longer used in new models are not available from Somerset.
Check with your nearest Somerset dealer if they can obtain the part you need

Somerset camping trailers are built with many of the same component parts that were used in the construction of folding trailers produced by Fleetwood Folding Trailers, Inc. and FTCA, Inc.  While Columbia Northwest is not purposely planning to become a distributor for historical folding trailer parts, there will be parts available to dealers that can be retrofitted for use on Coleman and Fleetwood folding trailers.  Contact your nearest Somerset dealer to inquire about parts availability. Parts available spring 2012. 

Alternate Sources for Fleetwood / Coleman Parts 
Not stocked by Somerset / Columbia Northwest
  • Most parts are generic, used by many brands of campers, and can be purchased from companies that supply the same parts to all RV manufacturers.  
  • First check with your former Fleetwood/Coleman dealer, or a Somerset Dealer, or another brand dealer, to see if they can obtain a generic part or similar part from a  manufacturer, that will fit your Fleetwood/Coleman camper.
  • Some parts might become manufactured by after-market companies.  
  • Some unique parts might need to be custom made or fabricated in the future, if a unique part breaks.   
  • Many popup camper owners are experienced in fabricating parts, and often fabricate better parts than the original as they seek to modify their campers for the better.
  • Local machine shops may be able to fabricate a part if the owner is not able to do so alone.
  • Aftermarket companies manufacturing parts for Fleetwood / Colemans are listed below.

Identify the Part that you are looking for with a clear part name.  

You can search for a part easier with a clear part name, 
rather than calling it a "Thingy" that attaches to a "What-cha-ma-call-it".  

Click on the link above to see a parts listing for your year and model, which will help in describing the part you are looking for.
Also see a pdf file for my 2007 Americana Series attached below.
Other Years And Models are also available by contacting me.

Fleetwood / Coleman Aftermarket Parts Stores

Beckley's Camping Center 
11109 Angleberger Rd. Thurmont, MD   21788 1-800-615-6171

* Announced on January 18, 2014 that their new Coleman / Fleetwood website is now live! *
The URL is
The site currently has over 750 parts listed, with new parts being listed almost daily.

About Beckleys 
(used with permission):
When Coleman / Fleetwood Folding Campers went out of business, Beckley's was able to secure their entire parts inventory. We are committed to providing the parts you need to keep the tradition of one of the best pop ups camping, for years to come.
If you already own a Coleman, you know the quality, versatility and value this camper has to offer. From relaxing weekend getaways to a campground, to extreme rugged adventures, almost nothing delivers like a Coleman folding camper.
If you're considering purchasing a Coleman, be assured Beckley's will be there to help you get the most longevity out of one of the most popular pop ups ever built.

Midland RV
Midland, MI

Has an EXCELLENT collection of aftermarket parts for Fleetwood/Colemans
Bed Slide Rails,
Tent Bows,
Curtains & Valences,
Lift System Compents,
Wiffle Trees,
and more.

Ebay Sellers of Fleetwood/Coleman Parts

An ebay seller that has select parts including:
Coleman Decals
Screen Rooms
Rocker Switches
and more...

Amazon.com Parts Sellers for Fleetwood / Coleman Parts

Ebay Seller of Fleetwood/Coleman "Lift System Trim" Part

This is a part that breaks easily from stress of the canopy against this part, 
when the canopy becomes filled with water, 
because during setup you did not slant the canopy at an angle 
so rain would not collect inside the canopy.

Coleman lift trim plate
This Ebay member is making replacement trim plates for the Fleetwood/Coleman pop up camper
The kit contains one plate and two rivets .
The plates are available in two thickness of aluminum
One is 0.060 thick and the other is 0.080 thick
The original plate was made out of 0.030 thick material and has
a folded reinforcement on it.
Replacement plates are made out of thicker material and do not have a folded section.
The original plates came with two hole placements
One the hole is ¾ inch from the bottom edge .
The second is 3/8 inch from the bottom edge

Here is a photo of my own (CamperFamily1's) Lift Trim that broke when water collected in the canopy.
Notice the crack in the lift trim.
I had to replace it with a new part, which had the holes drilled in the wrong place, requiring me to drill new holes in my camper.
The Ebay seller has two hole sizes so you don't have to redrill holes.   Be sure to remove the old part and measure to see which part you need before ordering.

General Search on Ebay
Shows many Coleman Fleetwood Parts available

Bed Rail Wedges
Manufactures the plastic part on the end of the bed rail that nudges the bed rail into the proper place.
Their replacement part is aluminum and better than the original!

See this post for a solution in case your rollers/rails are out of adjustment, causing the BedWedgie to rub against the rail creating friction and wear on the rail.

Popup Bunk End Caps called Popup Shorts
Popup Bunk End Caps - Popup Shorts"

(Authorized permission to use photos on the CampingFamily1 Website was received from popupmods.com)

New roof seal for Coleman/Fleetwood Campers

Examples of local machine shops that will fabricate a new part
and how to search for them

Search yellow pages online for keywords

Machine Shops
Machine Shop Fabricators
Sheet Metal Fabricators
Plastics Fabricators

Shop around for lowest prices.


Wiffle Trees
(The part used to pull on the cables that lift the roof)

(Authorized permission to use photos on the CampingFamily1 Website was received from RVWorkshop.com)

Not just for Canvas
Also sells various parts for Fleetwood/Coleman


RV Delamination Repair, Composite Repair, Wood Repair

Fiberglass, Wood, Carbon, Metal, and many other materials

Pop up Parts

"Old Coleman Man"
(online username)

I recently came into a lot of new old stock from the Somerset FTCA/Coleman /Fleetwood plant closing. Lots of items to soon be listed on EBay.  If anyone has a item they need and can't find it anywhere give me a shout at ( popupparts@yahoo.com ) and I will do my best to help you.

Did 30 years in what was the largest RV factory in USA in the small town of Somerset PA.  Probably worked on your camper if it is a Coleman / Fleetwood. 

Tent Trailer Rebuilder

Salvage yard of tent trailers
Used parts from 1967 and up.   
Located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Also specializes in fiberglass roof repair, recabling and interior design. 

General RV Parts Stores

Fuse Block, Holders, and Clips 
for 1994 and perhaps similar years of Colemans
for the MAGNETEK series 6400A model 6409 power convertor
Here is a tip from a CampingFamily1 website visitor for a link to a Fuse Block 
for the benefit of anyone else searching for the same hard to find part.

Additional Companies 
that also bought up parts from Fleetwood/Coleman as they shut down:

Beckley's Camping Center
11109 Angleberger Rd, Thurmont, MD 21788
Phone # 800-615-6171
 Coleman P 
arts #  
Fax # 301-898-7093

A dealer that purchased a large amount of Fleetwood/Coleman Parts 
when Fleetwood/Coleman went out of business.
They also carry the new Somerset Camper.

General Parts Webpage

Fleetwood / Coleman Parts Webpage

Daley Camper Sales & Service Inc
4487 State Route 8 (William Finn Hwy)
Titusville, PA
(814)  827-2637

Midland RV Sales
607 South Saginaw Rd
Midland, Mich
(989) 631-1231

Beckley's Camping Center
11109 Angleberger Road
Thurmont, MD 21788-2502, United States
(301) 620-0663

Ketelson Campers of Colorado
9870 W I-70 Service Rd South
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033, United States
(303) 431-2211

Canadian Tent Trailer Wrecker - W.K.S. Parts Sourcing
Edmonton, Alberta
(780) 469-3234

Canvas Replacements
W2299 State Hwy 98
Loyal, Wisconsin
(800) 232-2079

Carson City RV

Midland RV

Pop-up Parts

Please contact me with any news of the following:

  • Additional businesses that are fabricating parts for Fleetwood/Colemans 
  • Links to hard to find parts that fit in Fleetwood / Colemans

I will add news to this website for the benefit of all Fleetwood/Coleman owners.

Best Practices on How to Fabricate Common Parts for Fleetwood/Coleman Popup Campers

An idea of how to replace broken "Bed Bows" and "Shepherds Poles" 

Build your own out of 3/4" Rigid (bendable) conduit pipe, investing in a conduit bender from Lowes below:

With 3/4" Rigid (bendable) Conduit

Here is a tip from someone online:
They got raw materials for a straight rafter pole replacement from this company:

Bend to the same contour as your old one.
Squeeze the ends in a vise and drill holes as needed.
Then paint it to match the correct color.

Seems like a fun challenge.

Or hire an electrician for an hour to bend the poles like your old pole, then do the rest yourself.

Make your own parts with a cast and moldable plastic

Buy "Cast & Paint PerfectCast", to create a mold from your old part on the other side of the bumper.

On Amazon, also available at Joannes

Using the Cast, make your own replacement part out of Insta-Morph

Here is the link on Amazon.

Replacing the Lock on the Stepper Door:

More to Come:

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