(or, Happy wife, happy life)

"It sure would be nice if we could get rid of this funky old carpet," Mrs. Squirrel sighed.

I'd been thinking that I would like to get the rear heater out of Mellow Yellow. We could use the extra storage, and Mrs. Squirrel is not enthusiastic about camping in the cold. So it would not be missed.

Somehow, the two projects tied together.


Bench seat removed (per Bentleys), revealing rear heater.

Hoses clamped, rear heater removed. They will be plugged and new hose clamps installed. Heater boxed up and set aside for the next owner.

Water tank and its cabinet removed, again per Bentleys. I needed to get the tank out to get hold of the far edge of the factory flooring.

It is possible to break and tug the factory flooring out without removing the sink/refrigerator cabinet. Note implement of destruction.

Flooring removed, another implement of destruction on display.

New flooring being installed. I used DuPont "RealTouch Elite," laminate flooring, but Pergo and others are equivalent. The chunks are cut to length and snap together. It has a layer of waterproof foam underneath, and subflooring above that. It is just a smidge thicker than the original flooring. Two boxes required.


Another view. That's an Olympic catalytic heater.

Heater opening plugged with chunk of laminate cut to size. (That white thing is a subwoofer.)

I think Mrs. Squirrel will like it.