Rock n Roll Bed Plans

Rock n Roll Bed

Building your own bed will not only save you money, it will give you the option to build the bed to a custum size, to fit whichever type of Campervan conversion you're going to build.

If the vehicle that you are going to convert is a Volkswagen T4/ T5, Ford Transit, Mercedes Vito, Renault, or many other types of SWB base vehicle, and you are going to build a Camper conversion with the traditional Volkswagen layout, then a rock 'n' roll bed is an excellent choice for this type of design.

There are several advantages to building your Camper conversion with a rock 'n' roll bed, the main advantage is that when the bed is not in use, you end up with a forward-facing seat. If seat belts have
been fitted, and securely anchored to the vehicle, the seat can then be used to carry passengers.
Another advantage is the vast amount of storage space beneath the bed.
It is not difficult to build your own rock 'n' roll bed you will however need access to a welder and the necessary welding skills. Our design of the rock 'n' roll bed is both easy to build and extremely easy to use. The construction is from 25 x25 millimetres, mild steel box section, which is readily available from many outlets. The design of our bed is flexible so it would be easy to adjust the measurements to make a bed size suitable for your own needs.

How to build your own Rock ‘n’ Roll bed.

Plan & Building guide available Now.   For your copy  Click Here


One main feature of this design, is that it allows you to use standard size caravan cushions, this can work out to be a much cheaper alternative than to buy the foam and material and make your own cushions.

From a seat to a Bed
and then
Back to a seat 
In less than 20 Seconds

Cushions used for the Rock 'n' roll Bed in the video     were from a  Bailey caravan 

Rock 'n' Roll Bed Video

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