I shot my first bulls eye in archery. I shot my first bulls eye with a .22.
~Wyatt, 5

My favorite memory of camp is climbing the iceberg by myself for the very first time!
~Hannah, 10

My favorite memory is climbing the rock wall for the first time this year by myself!
~Arayna and Becca, 10

I will never forget the new friendships I made!
~Rosalie and Johanna, 10

I had fun shooting my first shotgun.
~Dominic, 11

I love singing camp songs at Camp COLEY.
~Amanda, 11

I conquered my fear of heights.
~Brendan, 11

My favorite memory from camp is meeting new friends and the really great leaders.
~Kelly, 12

Camp COLEY is awesome because there is shotgun, riflery, and archery.
~Jake, 13

My favorite thing about camp is the people. Everyone we walk into we can laugh and have fun with.
~Eileen, 13

My favorite part about Camp COLEY 2009 would have to be seeing all of my "camp" family again, climbing the "real" rock wall, trying out the zipline for the first time, my groups' inside jokes, the dance, talking for hours at night, making new friends, trying fire watch, and so much more!
~Erin, 13

My favorite thing about Camp COLEY is being with my camp friends that I only see once a year!
~Brielle, 14

This coming summer will be my third year involved with camp. It is an amazing experience and a great place to meet new friends. The people you meet and the things you learn help you all year round. That one week at camp is what I look forward to all summer. Every part of camp is something you should want to be a part of. They have become my second family and are so much fun to be with.
~Lexi, 15

I have been going to camp for five years, but it feels like I've been involved in it all my life. I've met most of my friends there and all year we do nothing but discuss what outfits we're going to wear for the dance this year, who we can't wait to see again, what new activities we'll have this year, and who our new leader will be. I've also learned a lot about being responsible when I became a CIT last year. The lessons I've learned at camp will last me a lifetime!
~Eryn, 16


My absolute favorite part of camp is walking back to our site when the sun is starting to set and the trees reflect the tired nature of our bodies. But we're not done! We stay up late to talk, have a fire going, singing songs (of the camp variety), and enjoying the secrets that only the woods can share. Camp is magical when you let it be, and trust and truth come along when you share these moments with your girls and boys. Another plus: the crunch of the gravel on our dirt-stained sneakers only adds to the sounds that nature has to offer. It's a beautiful place, and it is always memorable. Every year is different from the next, and yet the same. That's another wonder in itself.
~Jamie B.

I enjoyed teaching new skills to young kids and seeing the enjoyment they got from their camping experience.
~Mike, 19

One of the things I will forever remember is how my family grew a little bit more this week.
~Kate, 19

Camp COLEY has become a home away from home for me over the past ten years. While its name and location may have changed, the quality programming, staff, and experience have remained! I began as a camper in the summer of 1999, I participated in the Counselor in Training (CIT) program four summers in a row, and this summer will be my third year as a leader. The life lessons that I have learned and the memories I have made at camp are indescribable. I found some of my best friends as camp and I truly couldn't imagine my life without my Camp COLEY family!
~Heather, 21

I love camp COLEY because it gives me an opportunity to reconnect with old friends and try new things.
~Heather, 21

I enjoyed spending time with friends that I don't get to see too often.
~Matt, 22

In August 1997 my mom and dad packed up three of their four daughters and sent them off to a reservation summer camp in New Jersey. It was like their vacation. Little did they know, they had started a tradition that would be celebrated throughout the year, each and every year since. Camp Fire Girls, Learning for Life, and now Camp COLEY has been a part of each of my sisters', as well as my, life, something the four of us will always share: friends, memories, songs, jokes... the list is endless. Going to camp with these different groups who contain the same friends have given me incredible experiences that I couldn't dream of that first week. I even worked at reservation camps for 8 weeks over the summer for three years! Camp Coley will no doubt continue the Kozin girls' summer time get-a-way, and I am certain will do the same for any boy or girl who is willing to try something new and exciting!
~Julie, 23

Camp COLEY will always be a part of my life. Many of my friendships started at camp and we are still close today. When I arrived at Camp COLEY for the first time, I did not know anyone, yet the leaders were very welcoming and even the other campers took me under their wing and showed me around the trails and how to take care of the campground. I learned so much through the camp program; such as how to tie knots, basic first aid, how to canoe, how to use a bow and arrow, and how to spot poison ivy. Camp also gave me the opportunity to build my leadership and teaching skills by first being a Counselor in Training (CIT) and then a leader. In these roles I had many different experiences from helping campers cope with homesickness, to chasing spiders out of their tents or remembering the next line to the camp song we were all singing! Before attending camp I had never camped before and after that first week I started counting down until next summer and could not imagine a summer without Camp COLEY!
~Emily, 27

My son caught his first fish, my daughter started her life at camp. Camp COLEY is a great beginning to your life as an outdoorsman.
~Michael, 34

I had a blast all week. It was a great experience and an incredible memory.
~Malinda, 35

I like seeing the boys and girls have a good time. The activities are fun and the staff is great!
~Mrs. Leary

I love the inspiration of the glow of a camp fire.
~Mrs. Gulley