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    Welcome to Virtual Camp Cash as we look back on our trips and look forward to the next ones. While you are here, we hope you will find  a few items of interest that may inspire or help you plan for your next camping trip.


CampCash Dinner - Precooked BBQ Baby Back Ribs

   For many there is no other way but fresh and difficult. I will admit, I like fresh too, but in our recent camping trip I chose to take along precooked BBQ baby back ribs as one of our meals. I was not really expecting too much, but I was hoping for something not too disappointing either. The fact is the ribs were extremely tender and tasted wonderful.

   Somehow I feel as if I am betraying the very idea of the outdoors by bringing precooked meat on our trips. The fact that it only took seven minutes from the cooler to our dinner plates makes it hard to resist though. You simply take the ribs which are pre-BBQ'ed and place them on the grill for four minutes on one side and three on the other. Your done! Time to eat. 

Another pro to add to the list is the cost was exactly the same as the uncooked ribs. So with all of that (quick, cheap, and tasty) in mind, the precooked BBQ baby back ribs will be a main stay in our meal planning at Camp Cash.

Back from Hunting Island, South Carolina

   Our first trip to Hunting Island, South Carolina was a very good one. In fact, this was our first beach trip in our popup. This trip gave us many activities to choose from. While the State Park provides several sites to view, fishing was at the top of the priority list for the guys, and the girls spent a bit of time at the beach. I am sure all will agree that after fishing the next activity is a significant drop off.



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