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Mountain Man NEW!

Requirements:  Age 14 First Class

Price:  $50.00

Come along on our adventure back to the early 1800’s.  This program, new in 2013, will take your boys on a primitive interactive history of the Fur Trade Era.  They will have the opportunity to learn everything from black powder, rope making, and log building construction, tomahawk throwing, and cooking on open fire.  Scouts will stay four nights (Sunday- Tuesday, & Friday) in their campsites with their troops.  They will work on making the shelters the first half of the week and then stay two nights in the Mountain Man post (Wednesday & Thursday).  This program is for scouts who have earned the rank of First Class and must be at least fourteen years old.  Some things they will need to bring include:

            Sleeping Bag


Neutral colored bottoms (they will be issued a period style shirt kit to complete)

Rain gear

Hiking boots

Mess kit

Water bottle

Mountain Biking NEW!

Requirements:  Age 13 Medical

Price: $40

Cross-country mountain biking will be offered as our newest high adventure program in 2013.  The program will be available year round with scheduling and reservations in advance.  We also anticipate having several downhill trails ready for the 2013 summer camping season.Our program will include a four half- day biking experience beginning with a mountain bike skills training course with trail ride training on Monday.  On Tuesday through Thursday, your scouts will have the opportunity to bike a variety of intermediate to challenging trails around the camp. On Friday your troop will have the chance to choose the mountain biking area as a morning or afternoon half day activity

Whitewater Kayaking Trek NEW!

Requirements: Age 13 Medical and Swim Test

Price:  $270

 5 Day Program:

                Day 1:  Flatwater and Basics

                Day 2:  River Skills & Safety

                Day 3:  Whitewater Skills Training

                Day 4:  Whitewater Skills Practice

                Day 5:  River Challenge

 The program is run entirely through Green River Adventures out of Saluda NC.  The company will pick up whitewater participants at Camp Bob Hardin each day and return them to camp that evening.  Breakfast and Supper being in camp and Lunch will be provided for the trip.  Must have a minimum of four participants maximum of 12 participants this is to insure the 1:4 instructor to student ratio.  Camp Bob Hardin will inform you ahead of time if there are not enough participants during the camping week you have reserved.

Wilderness Survival Trek NEW!

Requirements:  Age 13 Medical and Swim Test

Price: $450

4 Day Program:

Day 1: Introduction to Survival, including survival psychology, knife skills, shelter building, water and fire.

Day 2: Leave No Trace Ethics. Learning plants for food and medicine and simple animal traps and tracking.

Day 3: Canoe/Kayak trip Survival Challenge

Day 4: Living off the land, fishing, trapping and tracking, group rescue

This program will be run by the Nantahala Outdoor Center.  The Scouts will learn vital wilderness survival skills and use them on a two day survival expedition.  The class is highly challenging and includes an 8 mile flat water paddle trip in canoes or kayaks.  Spend nights under an improvised shelter, find wild foods, and catch fish.  This offers high adventure, teamwork and character building, the foundations on which scouting was built.  Scouts will leave on Monday morning early and will return by Dinner on Thursday night.  There is a minimum of 10 participants and max of 20.  An adult leader must participate.  Camp Bob Hardin will inform you if there is not enough participation for your scheduled week ahead of time.

Weekly Programs 
Opening Campfire
Opening Campfire occurs every Sunday night. The CBH Staff presents the program as a way to welcome all the campers to Camp Bob Hardin. At the conclusion of the campfire the Trading Post will be open and the Troops will return to their campsites to prepare for the week ahead.
OA / Family Night Campfire
The Skyuka Lodge and Camp Bob Hardin staff present The Legend of Skyuka each Wednesday night at 8:00 pm. This is a dramatic interpretation of Cherokee myths, legend and events that may have taken place near the camp two hundred years ago. The Order of the Arrow tap-out ceremony will immediately follow the show. Out-of-council troops must have a letter from your local Chief for tap-out.
Any guest that would like to join the troops for dinner can do so for $5 a person. Please make the Camp Director aware of these extra persons by Tuesday Dinner so that the dining hall can prepare.
Scoutmaster's Shoot
Just how good of a shot are you Scoutmasters? Thursday there will be a shooting range competition for leaders (winning troop gets a watermelon).
Coon Dog Day
Coon Dog Day is hosted by the Town of Saluda each year on the weekend following Independence Day. The festival celebrates Saluda, the Southern Appalachians, and many local mountain traditions. The Camp Bob Hardin Staff takes part in the festival each year. We additionally extend an invitation to all troops attending CBH on the week of July Fourth to come join us at the festival.
Closing Campfire
During the closing campfire troops present at least one skit. After all performances the CBH staff presents achievement awards, the Spirit Stick, the Purple Palmetto Paddle of Power (PPPoP), Honor Troop, Honor Camper, Honor Patrol, Scoutmaster's Merit Badge and the top ribbons.
Each Wednesday morning the camp Chaplain will present a non-denominational Christian service. If you would like to have a different service, please contact the camp staff prior to your troop's arrival. This will allow us to prepare a program to meet your needs. 
Water Carnival 
Each Tuesday night troops are encouraged to participate in water carnival games provided by the camp aquatics staff. These games factor into the PPPoP. All troops are encouraged to have scouts and scoutmasters participate.
Staff Hunt
Each Monday night scouts will gather at the trading post at the announced time and will disperse to find the camp staff camouflaged around camp. The goal of the hunt is to learn more about the camp and the staff. Scouts will receive a free drink at the trading post for every staff member found.  
Daily Spirit Themes
OA Carnival 
 After the conclusion of the Water Carnival on Tuesday night, OA brothers are encouraged to gather for fellowship, free ice cream, and cornhole at the announced area.
Night Climb 
In addition to all the other opportunities to climb on our new climbing tower, there will also be an opportunity to climb the tower at night. This experience is a little different than daytime. Night climb will be on Thursday Nights at 9:30 pm. Scouts must have First Class Rank and be thirteen years old to participate.