About Us

The Aims and Objectives of U3A

To advance the intellectual and cultural interests of our members through:

  • Both mental and physical activity
  • The satisfaction of making a contribution to society
  • Discovering new interests and extending those interests
  • Working with others to improve the status, well-being and position of older people in our community
  • Sharing with others the skills, experience and expertise gained during their lifetime
  • Experiencing the joy of learning

U3A Campbelltown is a community of people in their senior years, committed to personal and community health of body, mind and spirit.  Membership is encouraged on this basis, not just to participate in particular courses. 

Our Constitution and Code of Conduct can be found here.

U3A Campbelltown South Australia is affiliated with U3A South Australia Inc, is a member of COTA SA, and enjoys the support of the Campbelltown City Council, SA .