AGM & General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of U3A Campbelltown South Australia is held in March each year at 1:30pm at its home, the Marchant Centre, 338 Gorge Road, Athelstone, South Australia and Notice of the Annual General Meeting is issued as soon as practicable prior to the meeting to all members by personal email, 
by their team leader
 and through this website.

Light entertainment is supplied followed by fellowship over Afternoon Tea.  
The 2017 Annual General Meeting is to be held on Friday, 3 March at 1:30 pm, featuring Peter Christopher from the City of Adelaide Clipper Ship.

Members are invited to nominate for the Board of Management for 2017.  Please complete the Nomination Form for 2017 and return to the office at the Marchant Centre as soon as possible.  

General Meetings are held throughout the year and, again, notice of each meeting is issued to all members by personal email, by the relevant team leader and through this website.  These meetings take the form of either an entertaining and informative Guest Speaker or musical  entertainment, followed by Afternoon Tea.