Past Alumni

Post-doctoral Fellows, M.Sc. and Ph.D. Graduates

Jennifer Jeans, M.Sc. Biochem, Mount Allison, 2013

PSII Repair in Corals

Dr. Anthony Dron 2013
Photophysiology of Crocosphaera

Dr. Guangyan Ni 2014

Key Laboratory of Vegetation Restoration and Management of Degraded Ecosystems, South China Botanical Garden, CAS, Guangzhou, China

Dr. Gang Li 2013-2015 (multiple visits)

South China Institute of Oceanology, Guangzhou

Dr. Hongyan Wu 2011-2012 (multiple visits)

Professor, Hubei University of Technology

Dr. Yaping Wu 2011-2013

    Joint with Dr. Zoe Finkel
    Faculty, Xiamen University

Avery McCarthy, M.Sc. 2009-2011


Dr. Olga Zhaxybayeva 2010
    Joint with Dr. Amanda Cockshutt & Environmental Proteomics
Assistant Professor, Dartmouth College, USA

Dr. C. Brown-Huot 
Maternity leave, Sherbrooke University

Dr. Martina Loebl 2008-2010
    Joint with Dr. Zoe Finkel, Mount Allison
Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research, Germany

Dr. Christophe Six 2006-2008
    Joint with Dr. Zoe Finkel, Mount Allison
Station Biologique de Roscoff; Universite de Paris VI, France

Dr. Chris Brown 2003-2007
    Joint with Dr. Janice Lawrence, UNB
Environmental Proteomics

Dr. Cosmin Sicora, 2004-06
Director, Biological Research Center Jibou, Romania

Dr. Pat McGinn 2003-2004
Marine Biosciences Institute, NRC, Halifax

Dr. A. Cockshutt, 2003-06
Dean of Science, Mount Allison

Dr. J. Bouchard, 2000-05
    Joint with Dr. Suzanne Roy, UQAR 
Environment Canada

Dr. Tyler MacKenzie 1998-2004
    Joint with Dr. Dion Durnford, UNB
University of New Brunswick; New Brunswick Potato Institute

Robert Burns, M.Sc. 2002-2004
    Joint with Dr. Dion Durnford, UNB

Dr. Congming Lu, 2002
Institute of Botany at the Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing

Dr. Rasool Madani, 2000 
Razi Research Inst., Teheran


B.Sc. Honours and B.Sc. Graduates

    (Some listed students were co-supervised with colleagues).

Cole Murphy, 2016, B. Sc. Honours Biochemistry

Kate O'Brien, 2015, B.Sc. Honours Biology

Mitchell Roodvoets, 2014, B.Sc. Honours Biochemistry

Allison Dolan, 2014, B.Sc. Honours Biology

Erika Maxwell, 2014, B.Sc. Honours Biology

Bethany Marshall, 2014, B.Sc. Biochemistry

Tyson Burris, 2014, B.Sc. Honours Biology

Ian Hamilton-Burge, 2013, B.Sc. Honours Biology

Emma vanderWetering, 2013. B.Sc. Hon. Envi. Sci.

Paul Shaver, 2012, B.Sc. Honours Biochemistry, physics B.Sc.

Sara Thomas, 2012, B.Sc. Honours Biology, Acadia University, 2012, graduate candidate

Avery MacNeish, 2012, B.Sc. Honours Biology, travelling

M. Edwards, 2010, B.Sc. Biochemistry; Graduate Candidate

S. Rogers, 2012, B.Sc. Honours Biochemistry; in progress

S. Guo, 2009,  B.Sc. Honours Biochemistry; M.Sc., Queen’s University

A. Skitch, 2009, B.Sc.

K. DeZeeuw, 2009, B.Sc. Honours Biochemistry; Memorial University Medicine

C. DuBois, 2008, B.Sc. Honours Biology; M.Sc., Portugal

T. Key, 2008, B.Sc. Honours Biochemistry; M.Sc., Dalhousie

K. Matheson, 2008, B.Sc. Honours Biology; M.Sc., MUN

K. Regan, 2008, B.Sc. Honours Biology; M.Sc., Guelph

R. Sherrard, 2008, B.Sc. Honours Biochemistry; Jacques-Whitford Environmental

M. Arras, 2006, German Exchange Student

J. Chandler, 2006, B.Sc. Honours Biochemistry; Nursing, University of Toronto

J. MacKinnon, 2006, B.Sc. Honours Biology; research technician, Dalhousie

A. Pitcher,  2006, B.Sc. Honours Biology; Ph.D., NIOZ, Netherlands

M. Anaka, 2005, B.Sc. Honours Biology; Ph.D., Australia

S. Appleton, 2005, B.Sc. Honours Biochemistry; M.Sc., Dalhousie

A. MacDonald, 2005, B.Sc. Honours Biochemistry; M.Sc., Dalhousie

A. Morash, 2005, B.Sc. Honours Biochemistry; M.Sc., McMaster

S. Thompson, 2004,  Dalhousie pre-pharmacy

B. Joyce, 2003, undergraduate

J. Johnson, 2004, B.Sc. Honours Biochemistry; Dentist 

M. Jones, 2004, B.Sc. Honours Biochemistry; NSERC PGS, UBC

C.D. MacDonald, 2004, B.Sc. Honours Biochemistry; Pharmacy, Dalhousie

J. Rendell, 2004,  B.Sc. Honours Biochemistry; M.Sc., Mount Allison

L. Smith, 2002, B.Sc. Honours Biology; M.Sc. Lakehead/Medicine Memorial

S. Schofield, 2002, B.Sc. Honours Biology; Dental School, Dal., NSERC PGS (declined)

S. Al-Asaaed, 2002,  B.Sc. Honours Biochemistry; Medicine, Dalhousie

S. O’Keefe, 2001, B.Sc.; Ontario Min. of Environment

L. DuBois, 2001, B.Sc. Honours Biology; Medicine, UWO

T. MacDonald, 2001, B.Sc. Honours Biochemistry; Ph.D., Goteborg, Sweden, NSERC PGS

M. Baerlocher, 2001, B.Sc. Honours Biology; Medicine, University of Toronto

A. MacLeod, 2000, B.Sc. Honours Biochemistry; Medicine, UWO

S. Comeau, 2000, B.Sc. Biochemistry; M.Sc. UPEI

C. Benedict, 1999, B.Sc. Honours Biochemistry; Ph.D. Umea, Sweden, NSERC PGS (declined)

M. DiQuinzio, 1999, B.Sc. Honours Biology; Medicine, M.Sc.; Medicine, Dalhousie

M. LeBreton, 1999,  B.Sc. Honours Biology; Medicine, University of Ottawa

K. Larade, 1998, (res.asst.); Ph.D., Carleton, NSERC PGS

S. Purcell, 1998, (res.asst.); Ph.D., UPEI

P. Morton, 1998, B.Sc. Honours Biochemistry; DDS, U de Montreal

J. Ackman, B.Sc. Biology, 1998; Systems Analyst

B. Harland, B.Sc.Biochemistry, 1998; Graduate student, University of Alberta

S. Patterson, 1997, B.Sc. Honours Biochemistry; Teacher

S. Satyanarayana, 1996, B.Sc. Honours Biochemistry; Physician