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U6 Rec Program

Overview.   The U6 Program is designed to provide a positive, early introduction to the sport of soccer for kids and parents alike.  It allows kids to learn fundamental technique through age appropriate practice activities.  It also provides a first exposure to playing a "real" game, with team mates, a "uniform," goals, and a worthy opponent.  For parent-coaches, the U6 Program provides an opportunity for an early exposure to coaching and the value of Coach Education.
Team Formation.  The Club Registrar randomly forms teams for the U6 Program from the applications received before the application deadline.  The Registrar will try to place kids with late applications on a team... but no guarantees.  A maximum of ten (10) players are rostered onto each U6 team.  Each team is provided with unique colored Club tee-shirts for each player and the head coach.
Play Dates.  The U6 Program plays on six consecutive Sundays each in the fall and spring at the Pendery Park.  Each Sunday includes 30 minutes of team "practice" and a thirty minute "game" against another CCYSL U6 team.
Practice Activities.  In the practice session, the coach provides fun, age-appropriate activities to help develop basic soccer skills.  Example activities for U6 players are provided on the Coach Resources page.  In addition, CCYSL encourages all of its U6 coaches and parents to take the free 5-hour Youth Module course offered locally prior to each U6 season by KYSA.
"The Game".  The second half of each Sunday teams play a 30-minute "game" against another team.  Games are either 4v4 or 5v5, played to small goals with no goalie.  There are no referees for the U6 games, but the coaches are allowed to be on the field with the players to provide encouragement and support.
Pizza Party and Trophies.  Immediately following the last Sunday of each season CCYSL provides pizza and an individual trophy for each player so that the coaches, kids and parents can celebrate a successful season.
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