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Sub-Group Representatives

Sub-group reps are designated by the Registrar to assist with administrative matters and communication between the Club and the various sub-groups.  They are generally experienced coaches who are familiar with Club policies and procedures.  Sub-group reps are good information resources who should know who to contact to help answer questions or resolve conflicts.
The following sub-group reps are assisting for the current seasonal year:
 Sub-Group  Representative  Cell Phone  Email
 Highlands Middle School  Travis Parsons  (859) 630-3009


 Holy Trinity  Chuck Meyers  (513) 801-8319


 Johnson Elementary

 Deana Pawlak

 (859) 240-0206


 Ruth Moyer Elementary               


 Saint Catherine  Chris Lavin  (859) 750-1943


 Saint Joseph - boys Chris Malay    

 (859) 250-2020


 Saint Joseph - girls

 Dave Combs  (859) 912-0062  combs4221@gmail.com    
 Saint Mary

 Bill Paulin

 (859) 801-8099


 Saint Therese   Ken Dubuc    

 (859) 635-6112


 Saint Thomas  Collin Browning  (859) 630-1724


 Woodfill Elementary

 Travis Parsons


(859) 630-3009