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Managing a Team

There are several tasks that the club believes are critical to team management:
  1. Become familiar with and abide by the CCYSL Coaches Code of Conduct (see attachment below).
  2. Schedule your practice field at the Field Draw Meeting.
  3. Communicate with your sub-group/school representative (click Sub-Groups to see contact info) in order to understand the sub-group/school specific requirements.
  4. Communicate with the Referee Assignor - game cancellations and reschedules need to be done well in advance of game day and in compliance with the Cancellation Policy.  The policy is identified in the Coaches Code of Conduct which is provided as an attachment below.
  5. Educate yourself on the Laws of the Game and the League Specific Rules (see attachment below).
  6. Be involved with the club...participate at the monthly meetings, assist with the "chores" of the club (i.e. field set up, etc.)
  7. Work with the referees during your games.  It is not your responsibility to train them or point out their mistakes, but you can assist them by being knowledgeable about how to substitute, where to organize your team on the sideline, etc.  If you believe there are blatant misapplications of the laws of the game, contact the Director of Referees.  Do not approach referees during or after the game.
  8. Respect your opponent.  The club has a blowout policy (see attachment below) and has recommended ways to properly manage these situations.  Become familiar with the policy and be prepared.
  9. Manage your parents, especially on game day.  Nobody likes this task, but as a coach of a youth team it is your role.  You are responsible for their behavior.  Communicate this responsibility to them before your first game.

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