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Game Day Responsibilities

Coaches have the following game day responsibilities:

  1. Understand which team is the “Home” team.  The home team is listed first on schedules.  The home team has the responsibility to provide alternate jerseys or pinnies if there is a jersey color conflict.  CCNSC has pinnies located in the concession stands at Pendery Park and Fort Thomas Soccer Park.  Please make sure you return them after your game.
  2. Have the correct change to pay the referees.
    • U8 - $20 per team (2-$10)
    • U10 - $22 per team (2-$10, 2-$1)
    • U12 - $29 per team (2-$10, 1-$5, 4-$1)
    • U14 - $31 per team (2-$10, 1-$5 & 6-$1)
  3. Clean-up the area around the benches following your game. 
  4. Tower Park Reminder: NO chairs, strollers, bikes, or food is allowed on the field or track area.  Water only.
  5. Ensure that each child gets to play 50% of the game.
  6. Coaches are encouraged to provide feedback to the Club to help us help our referees improve or simply to call out a job well done.  If appropriate, send e-mail with feedback to the Referee Assignor and the Head Referee.  Include the date and time of the game, the field number, and the teams involved so that we can match the games with the referees.
  7. Sideline Management:
  • General Requirements (All Age Levels)

i)      If provided, always abide by the team/coach boxes painted on the field.

ii)     Keep your team bench area away from the middle of field.  The middle of the field is reserved for the referees and for substitutions.

iii)    Stay 3-5 yards back from the touch line.  Give plenty of room for the assistant referees.

iv)   Do not step onto the field during play.  Only enter the field when asked to do so by the head referee.  Don’t run out to tie a shoe, position a player, etc.  Wait for a stoppage and ask permission before stepping on the field of play.

v) Keep your parents and spectators away from the end lines (parents/spectators are not allowed behind the goals) and 3-5 yards back from the side line.

  •        U8 Exceptions

i)      At the U8 level, CCYSL allows teams to have a coach along the sidelines at both ends of the field.  If you are going to have a coach at both ends of the field please make sure you have only one coach on the opponents end of the field and stay away from the other team’s bench.  If you only have one coach on the sidelines do not run/walk all the way up and down the sideline.  If you have one coach on sideline, stay near your bench area.