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Using Google Calendar

In addition to viewing the CCNSC Calendar (at left), you can directly access the CCNSC Calendar through a Google account.  On Google Calendars you can coordinate across various family activities and other organizations that use Google Calendar (e.g., Highlands HS Boys Soccer uses a Google Calendar).  To get started:
1.  Sign up for a free Google account at www.google.com (choose a user name and password)
2.  Create a Base Calendar - make sure you set your time zone to EST.
3.  Go to CCNSC Calendar and click on the "+Google" icon at bottom of the page.
4.  Choose the setting you want in terms of notifications via email, SMS, etc.
Notice that if you click on events in either the CCNSC Calendar or Upcoming Events view, you get more details, including directions, etc.  Note:  Be careful relying on the Google Map link for directions, as it does not always reliably get you where you want to be!