Words have power……Stop and think before you speak!!!!!!

Click here to learn some of the CONSEQUENCES of bullying.

Girls can be BULLIES too.  Click here to read more.
Do you use Facebook?  Do you text and email your friends?  If so, it is a must to read "Death by bullying in the internet age."
Why should you stop cyberbullying?  Find out here.


žDid you know they are trying to create laws against bullying?
žA lot of states in the United States have them, but a few don't.
žDid you know that Michigan is one of them? 
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School Debate:  Are Bullies Criminals?
"I think that bullies should be punished by the legal system.  To begin, I think buliles should be punished because they are the cause for some deaths of young kids.  Also, they will just keep on doing it if they are not stopped." --William
"I think legal action is necessary becuase the law gives bullies serious ad hard punishments.  The parents and teachers aren't enough.  Nowadays, kids don't listen to their parents and teachers sometimes.  If the teacher tells them to stop bullying and cyberbullying a student, they're not going to stop.  They're going to still bully students, just not where you can see."  --Destiny