الكشف عن تعاطي التمويه - ولكن تحتاج أولا لنرى!



Certains ne le vois pas ou peut-être qu'ils ne comprennent pas ce qu'il faut rechercher?  Osez regarder dehors et fouiller le ciel que vous puissiez voir. Trouver un peu de paix intérieure.

Some don't see it

 or maybe they don't understand what to look for?

Dare to look out and search the sky that you may see. Finding some inner peace.

بعض لا أرى ذلك
أو ربما أنهم لا يفهمون ما الذي تبحث عنه؟
يجرؤ على أن ينظر خارجا والبحث في السماء التي قد تراها. العثور على بعض السلام الداخلي.

Many don't know there being abused, some get conditioned! What if you feel others may not believe  you because they trust those wonderful people, they go onto say maybe it was just harmless fun, or another reasonable explanation! WRONG !  Once the doubts set in and you second guess yourself, the silence starts ... your slowly being conditioned.

Do your  usual supports seem to be shutting down or fail you from many directions? 

Then this site has pages that will will offer you some peace of mind, and various resources.


Keeping a journal of your feelings or points of importance, helps you to look at your situations from a safe objective view from time to time. Thereby helping whenever you need to review and make decisions in your life.

You will see things more clearly and find more reality in your lives if you see a pattern.

Keeping your journal private means you’re not being pressured from anyone else, your feelings are safe. When you do share your thoughts with people whom you have come to trust as a support system, you may find your words almost match theirs. You don’t ever need to feel alone, invisible, shut out, or guilty for looking and wanting to open doors to get outside yourself. Your reality matters, your voice and feelings count. You will see your progress!

Keeping a journal is just a little space of time in life, for you!

I personally don't always believe that things will change for the better when we stay silent.

 I will always have a voice !

I hope this site feeds your sole with the things you personally  need in order to love within ... so that you may share that same love with others.

If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one. Mother Theresa

 I hope I can too. If even just one person reads and this helps ... all was not in vain.

I share the following research to heal from past experiences, and share the hope of others healing.

* This information can apply to religions, a belief system, organizations, work ethics, family, friends.

* Their may be a pattern in your life.

* Cheating doesn’t just have to be about affairs or lovers. Cheating covers a variety of deceptions.

Your actions or choices will effect the people around you. Yes you may be surprised at how many people admire you, not just your children. Our sons and daughters learn from us and are effected at any age.

Do you feel like the people around you respect you?

Do you know what healthy respect represents?

When ever you see a unhealthy pattern,and the air turns stale, It is time to stretch out the kinks and awaken with some fresh air.

 What is unhealthy anyways?

 Some people have lived a sheltered life or are separate from the world so there is a vale darkening their view .

Do you ask yourself is it you? Enough already, time to look outside of you !!!

Has you partner ever avoided or minimized straight forward clear questions, or do they treat you differently privately than in public?

Are you afraid to ask questions because you might find  out the things you don't want to here?

 Do you get out on your own without being monitored, extra burdens that make getting out almost not worth it?

To quote an afghan woman " Because you can feel me I can feel myself again" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=orxEawi9qro

"Because you can see me I can see myself again ~ Erin Bartley Paterson.

Looking at things from opposite windows,
we may see each others lives.

Yet you will never touch one another the way you can when your standing side by side.

Abuse can take many forms,
including physical, psychological, verbal, or financial abuse