Who RV

Here is a list of RV Bloggers and Facebook posters whose sites helped me research this thing called full-time RV living. 

Aluminarium  Airstream owners, this couple share reviews on campgrounds and tips to make RV life easier.

Ardent Camper  After two years, this young couple has decided to slow down and not RV full time. Work/fun balance is hard.

Campendium  Great website with reviews for all kinds of camping from national forests to private resort campgrounds.

CheapRVLiving  This site is for those who really want to live cheaply on BLM and other side of the road places.

Drive Dive Devour This couple combines their love of travel with scuba diving in some unique locations.

Gone With the Wynns Couple went from full-time living in an RV to a sailboat. RV posts and YouTube videos are instructional.

Just5MoreMinutes  Airstream tour was cute. Great food and scenery photos. Tempted me to think about Airstream trailer.

Keep Your Daydream This family has recently been living in Mexico since their kids can go to school online at their charter school in Arizona. Their site just makes me happy.

Mandy Lea Photo Oh my gosh! Her landscape photos are amazing. It makes me want to go have adventures right NOW!

Marxrv  Mark's "I'm a dummy" sharing page is helpful and funny.

Nosh Bus  Facebook posts of photos give me some good ideas of places to go.

Rolling Recess  Their financial plan and suggestions on budgeting for full-time RV life was helpful.

RV with Tito  Tips and tutorials on RV maintenance and upgrades

Snowmads Their suggestions on RV modifications is something to consider when planning for RV costs.

Tales From the Mutiny  Loved the title of their site.  Nothing new posted on the site since Jan. 2016.

Tales from the Scenic Route   Their 6 tips for the perfect road trip post has some great ideas for however you travel.

Technomadia   Their knowledge of all things phone, internet, media and solar is pretty awesome.

The Kuhl Odyssey  They moved from blogging to YouTube videos. Their maintenance tips for Class A RVs are helpful.

Watsons Wander  They are currently renting a home for the winter, but their earlier posts are inspirational. 

Wheeling It  Their information on selecting health care in FL, SD and TX is very helpful and includes other links.

Winnie Views  Her information on selecting a TOAD for towing behind class A model RV and solar page are informative.