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Jobs for Full-time RV Living

I estimate that before federal taxes are taken out of my paycheck, I will need to earn approximately $53,000 year. This means at least $35 hr. for a 20-hour work week.  After taxes this would give me about $2,300 month to spend on expenses (see sub page for budget planning).

Amazingly, I think this is do-able. So, what jobs pay this much and still let me travel?

Young Living Essential Oil
  • I can share what I love about the oils with others to help them.
  • I will have a special focus on toxin-free RV environments.
  • I can set up a national team of YL distributors and teachers.
  • I will offer classes and Make-It, Take-It workshops at RV parks.

Consultant and Author on Catholic Schools
  • Catholic school leadership teams (pastors, principals, boards)
  • Principals as spiritual leaders
  • Accreditation
  • Strategic Planning

Full-time Genealogist and Researcher ($50 - $60 hour) - I need enough clients to keep me busy 20 hrs. week
  • Certification required (Brigham Young University)
  • How would I get clients?
  • What is my expertise?
    • DAR Applications
    • 1800's and 1900's USA
    • Areas of Most Experience: Eastern United States, Colonial America, England
    • Records Research - Church, Courthouses, Archives, LDS, Historical Societies, and access

Tour Guides and Campsite Hosts
  • Camp host - likely volunteer for free sites
  • Oregon Lighthouse Tour Guide - likely volunteer for free sites
  • Federal and State Park Workcamper - likely volunteer for free sites

Seasonal and Temporary Jobs (not likely $35 an hour, but will help if needed)
  • Amazon distribution center
  • Substitute teacher - multiple state certification requirements?
  • Harvest packer
  • House-sitting
  • Amusement park concessions worker