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Domicile for Full-time RV Life

I decided to go with the Passport America mail forwarding service out of Crestview, Florida because my mailing address and physical address will be the same.  Unfortunately Escapees has you use their Florida address only for Florida official business and then their Texas address for mail forwarding.  I felt as if this was too confusing for me. 

Here are just a few of the reasons why I need to have a domicile in a state:

  1. Vehicle Registration and Inspections
  2. Mail Service
  3. Taxes
  4. Voting
  5. Health Care

Which states seem to be the best for me to set up domicile/residency and why:

  • Most of my family lives on the east coast and I will likely travel here every year.
  • No state income tax
  • State is used to part-time residents who are snowbirds, boat owners, military, etc.
  • Offers access to national health care plan which means wider in-network coverage
  • Caps on out-of-network health care costs
  • Florida is a great place in the winter when everywhere else is cold
South Dakota 
  • No state tax
  • Good support for full-time RV families
  • But, I don't currently have any family or friends living in South Dakota
  • No state tax
  • I have family members living in Texas
  • No longer offers access to national health care plans
  • Health care monthly rates for me would be twice that of Florida

It is important that I clearly communicate to government agencies that I have set up a new domicile when I move out of my current state. How do I go about setting up domicile without renting or buying a home in the new state?

  1. Set up as many online payment plans as possible to reduce paper statements and mailings (done)
  2. Work with Passport America to establish a physical address/mailing address in new state. Plan to do this soon as it should be done minimally 6 weeks before actual sale of condo. (done)
  3. Ask family to take family treasures and/or larger furniture  (done)
  4. Sell condo (it is listed with realtor and ready to sell)
  5. Notify prior state, Social Security Administration and IRS of move to new state (FL, SD, or TX) residency and mailing address (will do after condo sells)
  6. Notify 401 and 403B, former employer pension plans and related $ accounts of new mailing address
  7. Notify checking and savings account banks of new mailing address, possibly set up second banking account in Florida (Bank account is set up in Florida, done)
  8. Change mailing address on all online shopping sites, even if planning to ship packages to RV sites while on the road (partly done)
  9. Get driver's license in the new state - September/October
  10. Register to vote (part of getting driver's license in some states) - September/October
  11. Register car or truck (depending on RV model) in new state - September/October
  12. Register RV in new state -date TBD
  13. Buy new health insurance if I am self-employed (using new state insurance exchange) - November/December
  14. Make appointments with new doctors and dentist in new state of residence using new insurance - January