How RV

How can I live and travel full-time in an RV without waiting to retire?

I am dreaming about living and traveling full time in an RV, but I am too young to retire (late 50's). Listed below are some of the questions I have. Click on the underlined sub pages for each topic to learn more about some of the answers I am finding...

RV Costs:

  • What will it cost me to live and travel in an RV full time if I balance free and paid camping? $35,000?

Jobs for Full-time RV Living:

  • What kind of jobs can I do from the road to earn that much money, after the government takes their taxes?

RV Types:

  • Class A Motor Home (feels more like a home with room for guests)

  • Class B Camper Van (usually too small for me)

  • Class C Motorhome (2nd favorite floor plan)

  • Camper Trailer (least favorite, feels like weekend camper)

  • 5th Wheel Trailer (nice but not sure I like the second floor feeling over the truck)

  • Bus Conversion (haven't seen one yet)

Dinghy (TOAD) - According to Motor Home Magazine's Dinghy Towing Guides:

  • I bought a used Honda CR-V - with AWD automatic transmission

(click link above to see more options for your own TOAD)

Establishing Domicile While Not Actually Having a "House":

  • Mail Service (I am "moving" to Florida)

  • Driver's License

  • Vehicle Registrations and Inspections

  • Voting

  • Taxes

  • Health Care

RV Club Memberships:

  • What are their annual costs?

  • Which ones are worth the cost?

  • What are their benefits?