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As I prepare to live full-time in an RV I am thinking more often about how I will keep my small living space as healthy as possible. One of my biggest concerns is the toxicity of many of the cleaning and RV maintenance supplies I see people advocating on their blogs and websites.  I don't want to breathe in the toxic fumes or drink the residue from the cleaners used in my water tanks or touch the toxins left behind on my counters and other surfaces.

So, I am researching the benefits of using essential oils instead.  My sister Susie Weiss is a Young Living Oils consultant and I know how healthy her lifestyle is. In the past I used a few oils myself in aromatherapy, but I think it is time to get more serious about using them to make my own household cleaners and for other RV maintenance supplies.

As I learn more about the use of essential oils, I will post that information on my Pinterest board and in my blog.

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