"The Road to Shangrila" (Camino Shangrila) consists of an inner & outer journey.  We the fortunate caretakers of this "Camino" are honored to have you join us in your own way.  You may participate any way you wish.  In the upcoming months we will be posting as we expand and grow."
Invitation to Camino Shangrila
The Second Part of the journey takes us to Shangrila.  Part one was the preperation of mental, physical and spiritual toward Shangrila.

The goal of walking the camino is to create a conscious community of forward thinking individuals who share this vision and can embrace the possibility for themselves either by undertaking a similar journey or by becoming a part of the whole journey to Shangri La. This project takes a lot of vision, money and dedication. It is our intention is to generate enthusiasm through various stages of development.
To facilitate the walk of Alaia Leighland (co-founder of the CaminoShangrila) we are engaging the social media world; offering: followers an opportunity to virtually walk with her, enjoy the sights, sounds and special moments she encounters during this long, arduous and inciteful walk (this will be supported by a live tracking system for everyone to know where Alaia is at all times. While V-logging at stops with live chats on periscope.). It is both an inward and outward journey that challenges physical and mental capacities to go beyond expectations and tap into the 'God' zone where all miracles take place and genius ideas are received.

Following the successful completion of the walk we will travel to the target property and initiate the process of acquiring funding and a directing body.

The Camino Shangrila is a participatory partnership bringing spiritual and physical elements together with Divine timing.
Rejuvenation is our human right and heritage. Our body does it naturally, freely and regularly~ and this process is available to us all. Recognizing this has brought the vision of a place of wholeness where rejuvenation is lived and we are calling it Shangrila.

We believe you can keep your physical body as long as you desire by connecting energetically to the universal life force with deliberate and focused intention affirming your goal of total body, mind, soul rejuvenation.

Your physical body, comprised of living cells, is conscious and aware of your thoughts and emotions. * (In fact, in his book Biology of Belief, cellular biologist Bruce Lipton (San Francisco State University), proves that there is a link between mind, matter and miracles and how mind affects the health of matter. Russian scientists have demonstrated that we can actually talk to our DNA.)

We believe the aging populace deserves the same opportunities to regroup and re assess options that is given our youth… a place similar to college where all physical needs are met and addressed; the time can be used to study, assess and dream the next steps in life…

Shangrila is a sanctuary for regeneration, rejuvenation...and journey to self discovery with the knowledge gained from a lifetime well lived... The self you always knew you could be.