• Since march 2015 I am a post-doctoral fellow at the Language and Comparative Cognition Group (LCC) of the  Center of Brain and Cognition (Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain). My post-doctoral project is framed in the European Research Council Starting Grant awarded to Pr Juan Manuel TORO (ERC 315219 - BioCon, 2013-2018. Title:  Biological Origins of Linguistic constraints) 
  • I have been a Marie Curie fellow since may 2016 (Reference H2020-­‐MSCA-­‐IF-­‐2015; Project 707996. Title: SPIDE - Speech-­sound Processing in Infant Development and Evolution)
  • My research focuses on the early biases guiding and constraining early language perception in human infants and how domain-general and domain-specific mechanisms contribute to language acquisition. These issues are addressed through adult and infant studies as well as through comparative work with rats. 
  • I am also interested on the effect of bilingualism on these early biases.
  • I completed my PhD in November 2014 at the Laboratoire de Psychologie de la Perception (CNRS - Université Paris Descartes) under supervision of Thierry Nazzi and Judit Gervain. During my PhD I used behavioral and cerebral imaging methods (functional Near Infra-Red Spectroscopy) in very young infants to study the functional asymmetry between consonants and vowels in the first year of life, and assess the role of this perceptual bias in guiding lexical and rule learning. 
key words: 
  • ealry languqge acquisition
  • learning biases and constraints
  • rule learning
  • lexical development
  • animal cognition