Our gut is our second brain, if you aren't digesting what is going on in your life, your actual digestive system maybe suffering.

Many people come for intolerance testing. I can do this a few ways, by testing you in person with vials of different foods, dowsing through lists of foods or I can recommend a bioresonance scan be done, I will send a sample of your hair away and then you will receive a list of your top foods to avoid.

Please note that these may change over time, the universe never stands still, and we don't either, so what you may have been intolerant to in the past may have changed. I recheck my own every few months, mainly to see if I can have olive oil again!!!! It gives me eczema, grrrr.

In the meantime, the big 4 foods to avoid are Dairy, Wheat, Sugar, Salt. Most people notice a huge difference in digestive health if they cut these 4 out. I am not even going to mention alcohol, as you know that already.

I can test you for supplements and supplement deficiencies in the same way. I have accounts with many suppliers and can order your supplements for you at a competitive rate.

A guidline for basic supplements are:

  • B vitamin complex (nature's stress busters)
  • Omega 3, I like flax rather than fish oil, it soothes the gut and can lower your cholesterol
  • Probiotics, we need 80% good bacteria in our gut, it is best not to take them continually, every now and then is best.
  • Minerals, magnesium for women, zinc for men