About Me

When I was little I wanted to be able to do magic, real magic. I LOVE the weird and wacky am trained in therapies that, to some, look way out there, but they are all science based, and I think they are magic. So I got my wish.

I was a graphic designer, a gilder and a florist, all lovely and creative, but after a bit of a drama in my early 30s my psychic abilites took off, so I took myself back to school.

Dowsing (swinging a pendulum around) was my first alternative qualification. I found using the pendulum completely natural and also found that I had natural gift for asking the right questions. (You have to be really precise when you only have a YES or NO response.) The utterly marvellous Christopher Strong trained me over a period of 2 years at the College of Psychic Studies. I then added kinesiology which is dowsing on the body, super genius stuff and I don't understand why it isn't completely mainstream. 3 years with TASK for that one. I am also a healer of the hot hand variety, which was another 2 years at he CPS. So I have earned my stripes.

I like puzzles, and people are puzzles. (Some more puzzling than others!) My hands seem to go straight to areas that need help, so fair warning - I will be touching you.

No two people are alike, and I never know what is going to walk through the door. I have been treating people for about 15 years, 2019 was a sabatical year, but now I am back all guns blazing.

I treat people from home, so no scary clinics or white coats.

I know that I cannot help everyone so I have a fabulous collection of colleagues that I can recommend.