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Cameroon  is usually referred to as Africa in miniature because of its beautiful landscape  with an offering of all types of climate, landscape, people, animal etc.. you can find in Africa. If you want to see a lot about Africa and  you do not want to travel to may countries, Cameroon in the solution.

Cameroon has top world class chain  of hotels and many cheaper options in the major towns like Douala and Yaounde. The choice is yours. Check on some facts on  Must know

The Northern part of Cameroon

Lets see some nice places to visit. The north of the country  has Sahel and desert savanna(East African type of savanna) dominated by many Muslim cultures population.The major towns are Garoua, maroua and kousseri.You can enjoy the diverse Cultural events.

Visit the Waza park and see the lion, giraffes, elephants, monkeys and all big five animals in their natural environment check out the  Picture gallery  .They are very good accommodation facilities in  those areas frequently visited by tourists.

After  Enjoying the rich and beautiful landscape in the Northern provinces      you can start thinking of moving to the southern and western parts of the country

The South West and coastal areas

The main sea towns of Cameroon are Limbe, Douala kribi and Tiko. The best beaches in Cameroon are in Limbe and Kribi areas. These towns have a diverse culture and many cultural ceremonies during the year. In this  part of the county they are many waterfalls to see Picture gallery , rivers to see and get in touch with the local people.

In the south west province considered the bread basket of Cameroon you can see all the banana, coffee,cocoa, papaya plantations and eat real good tropical fruit from its source.

Visit Mt Cameroon(4070m)highest mountain in West Africa  and a volcanic active mountain.

Visit  the twin Volcanic lakes in Kumba and take a walk in the tropical forest at the Korup park.

Visit the Limbe botanical garden

The north west  and centre west

In the Northwest and Western provinces(their capitals Bamenda and Baffoussam) you can enjoy the Sahel savanna grasslands with a very rich cultural heritage. In these areas  a hand shake is not allowed with the local chiefs. They command a great deal of respect from the people. They are many yearly or monthly cultural festivals that  you  can be part of.

They are many volcanic lakes in these areas such as the Lake Nyos, Lake oku, lake Awing and may others and very beautiful scenery

The east

This part of the country has one the largest amount of rain forest in  the world and many different species that can be found only in this part of the world.

You can visit the pigmies and see how they live

See parrots and chimpanzees in their natural home and enjoy a walk inthe deep African  rain forest

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