The People of Cameroon



It has over 226 ethnic languages and  official languages are French and English. Pidgin language (made up of a combination of French,English and Spanish languages)  is widely spoken.Its is a native language and  can be learned easily if one understands these three languages. However to get along officially in many cases you will be forced to speak French.


Cameroon has a population of 16.6 million (UN, 2005 estimate).It has a population growth rate of 1.97 %( 2004 est.).

Cameroon has a youthful population with the 54.8 percentage of the population between 15 to 64 yrs old.

 Hence more than 90% of the population is between 0 to 64 yrs old.

Age structure

 0-14 years: 42% (male 3,416,086; female 3,334,904),

15-64 years: 54.8% (male 4,425,246; female 4,370,329),

65 years and over: and 3.2% (male 233,506; female 283,607) (2004 est.)

The greater part of the population still live on subsistence agriculture hence 70 % of the population are in the agricultural field, 13 % in industry and commerce and the other fields 17 %.The unemployment rate is about 30 % from the 2004 estimates.

The population considered to be below poverty line is 48 % in 2004 estimates. The following industries flourish in Cameroon light consumer goods production, food processing, petroleum production and mining,textiles and lumbering.

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