The culture



Cultural heritage

Cameroon has a rich cultural heritage with its more that 300 ethic groups and languages. The rich cultural heritage begins from the north with the  different tribal Muslims and ethnic groups  to the  christian south east and west parts of the country.

The different physical background adds to this heritage and makes Cameroon unique in Africa by having everything Africa has from the desert landscapes in the north to the thick rain forest  in the south.

Interraction and communication with people

We are friendly and dynamic people and easy to become friend with. The doors are always open for strangers with good intentions. You will always be given a drink, water and food most of the time and refusal may mean arrogance.You have to appreciate the food by  eating a little.

People are proud of their children and wife(wives) and will always present them to you.You need to to only congratulate him and tell the person he is doing a good job.

People do not really drees based on occasions but how they feel about themselves that day. However we respect our culture and dress properly for traditional occasions with the traditional wear.Can be seen in the Picture gallery  

We have a lot of respect for elders and old people and do not look straight into their eyes when speaking to them. Our local traditional heads or chiefs are not greeted by hand no matter if  you are a man or women.

We dot call our elder directly by their names.If you do that it means you are disrespectful. You can always add a Mon,Md or Mr and Mme before names. They might have titles and if they have it call them with that.   


Cameroonians love to dance and sing and our major music identity is  makossa, bikutsi, njang etc.some internationally renowned Cameroonian musicians are Manu Dibango, West Madiko, Richard Bona, Henri Dikongue and Sally Nyolo

Religion and believes

 Majority of Cameroonians go to church on Sundays and Muslims on Friday's church plays a is very significant role in society and going to church in Cameroon might give you many friends and contacts. 

Many Cameroonians are superstitious and is just part of our African heritage. They are many traditional healer who help local people  about witchcraft and magical issues. they also claim to cure AIDS and many other disease.


If you are a homosexual do not show  it openly. If you do that you can be stoned lynched  to death by the crowd or even be evicted from your house.

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