Sports in Cameroon



 Cameroon is a sport loving nation. The  major sport discipline that  Cameroonians love  is soccer. This is evident when when they are soccer events in the country and when our National football team is playing(The Indomitable Lions).

Cameroon has had outstanding performance is soccer and other world sport disciplines. To prove this we have are four times African football champions

World cup quarterfinalist in 1990

Football gold medalist 2000 Sidney Olympics

We have had  and still have  many world class players like

Roger Milla(the oldest player to score in the Fifa World cup)

Eto fils currently playing in Barcelona  and 

Gerimi Njitap playing for Chelsea football club.They are many others  playing in top European soccer leagues.

In other sport diciplines  Cameroon is not very dominant but however  proved that we could be also good athletes  when Francoise Mbango Etone won the women's triple jump gold medal scored by 15.30 meters at the Athens 2004 Olympic Games August .

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