Security in Cameroon



 Cameroon has no real  emergency active   number to call and get a quick response so you have to just shout for help from neighbours.

You have to be careful when moving at night alone because you can be easily harassed. It good to have friends but you do not have to tell them much or show them mush of you for you never know what people can do when they become desperate.

They are many pick pockets in taxis and on the streets so hide or hold you purse, handbag, mobile telephone close to your body because you never know when these guys strike.

They are many police and gendamaerie(brown uniforms) check points along the road and you should always carry you passport or some id in case they start asking you questions and leave them no chance to  harass you.

 When going around you can always hire a cab. It cost about 4USD for a ride alone.



If you are a homosexual do not show  it openly. If you do that you can be stoned lynched  to death by the crowd or even be evicted from your house

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