Must know in Cameroon




In the domain of telecommunication, the number of telephones use in the year 2002 was 110,900, however the subscription rate for more telephones lines has been on an increase due to an increasing awareness of the importance and efficiency in communication by telephones.

This has also been witness on the mobile telephone sector, where the number of mobile telephone users according to statistics in 2003,was 1.077 million users and rising.

The major players in the telephone sector  in Cameroon are CAMTEL, MTN and ORANGE. Virtually populated areas of the country can be accessed by mobile phone.


About 167 000 computers are connected to the internet.The Domain name is cm and is  sold by Camnet. They many internet cyber- cafes around and you just have to ask for thier locations and cost about three quater of a dollar for an hour


Public holidays

All international  christian and Muslim related public holidays  and all internationally known and respected public holidays e.g.  are respected by Cameroon. Other  national related public holidays are

11th of February-Youth day

20th of May-National day

1st of May-Labour day

Work days and Hrs

Work days are from Monday to Fridays and  working hrs are from 8.00 AM to 5 PM every working day.

Going around

It cost about 4 dollars for a lone taxi ride or you can pay half a dollar and sit with other people inside a cab.

Time zone.

Standard time in Cameroon is Greenwich mean time + 1 .