Health environment in Cameroon



 If you intend to travel to Cameroon you have to get a selection clothes that you will use during spring and summer periods for those from temperate lands. You need rain coats and shoes if you are travelling in  between April and August.

Hospital are located all around the country and many more in large urban areas.There are many private clinics that  have rapid service but might cost more.They are always long ques in Government hospitals.

You should drink mineral water if you live in a large urban town like Douala or Yaounde.  In some parts of the country the water is okay.

They are frequent electricity  and water cuts and you have to be aware of these before frustration come  into your life.

 If you leave in the warmer and coastal areas you will be  more exposed to mosquitoes and malaria. Water borne disease are common and you have  to take along preventive drugs for water borne diseases and malaria. More about health in Cameroon  can be read  on this site Health information on Central Africa

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