Education in Cameroon

Cameroon has one of the highest literacy rates in Africa with a definition based on the number of people within the age of 15 and over that can read and write. It has 24 major African language groups and English and French are the official languages. According to the 2003 estimate the educational level it was considered to be 79 %with the male population being the greater number of people educated with apercentage of 84.4 % and female is 73.4%

The educational system of Cameroon  is  divided into the following levels or years of education.The government runs and manages many schools and reduces cost of education for parents.

Primary school.

This is  after the kinter-garden level and a child is about 5yrs.It takes seven yrs to complete the primary school  level and you are issued a certificate after passing your final exams into secondary school.

Secondary  and High school

Both levels take another seven yrs to complete. after completion  and passing the final exams you are offered the Ordinary and Advance level certificate that  certifies that you can  further  your education to the university if you wish to.

After completion of  high school you can apply to any of the three popular Cameroonian Universities namely

University of Buea, Yaounde and Dshang.They are other technical universities located all around the country .The choices depends on the individual.