Economy of Cameroon

Cameroon is in the Communaute Financiere Africaine franc XAF or CFA zone. This authority is responsible for the Bank of the Central African States (BEAC) hence it uses the franc CFA as it currency.

The current exchange rate is around. 

1.00 USD = 501.745 CFA

1.00 EUR = 655.957 CFA

It also had a GDP growth rate of 2.4% in 2004  and 4.3% in 2007 forcasted by IMF .Cameroon has a Gross national income per capital of US $640 (World Bank, 2003) and has a GDP of $28.75 billion

The GDP if divided according to sectors will be 42.6% in the agricultural field.

37.6%o for other services take 

 19.8% for industrial pruduction

Cameroon has an inflation rate of 2.3% on consumer