Accomodation in Cameroon



They are no real housing agencies in Cameroon that can help you get an apartment.

There is no help online.

It is only through personal contact.

From the beginning you can live in  some good hotel   at the outskirts or live with friends and,colleagues while waiting for your apartment.

If you are on a working trip your company can help you. Its all about contact and network.

In bigger towns where getting a house is more difficult they are private individuals who can help you but you have to be careful because sometimes they can be dubious.

An apartment in Cameroon will cost depending on the size, location  and facilities it provides but no matter how big it is it will not cost more than 500 dollars a month for  on the the best located and furnished house apartment in Douala.

The easiest way to get an apartment is to ask people. You can start by asking the hotel staff, friends,work colleague's and people in a pub or   restaurants you might visit.People will always respond to you kindly.In small towns it is easier as everybody virtually knows who to ask and how to direct you to get an apartment.

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