Cameron Highlands 

places of interests


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fruit / vegetable farms


visit  the many fruit  and 

vegetable  farms  

throughout the  Highlands. 


Apiary / Honey Bees

 highlands apiary farm


hiking / jungle trekking


check with your tour guide or

hotel for interesting jungle trails


food / drinks


 try the various   

    European dishes or our very

 own   local  favourites  found in

many  restaurants and street stalls




    be entralled with the exciting

  and cool 18 holes golf course     

    and  play whole day long !


               the view


soak in the unforgettable sights

and take pictures for your long

           awaited albums !

its all here !

 Boh  Gardens

 have english tea


visit   the   natives  

get  your  souvenirs

                                               visit the waterfalls

                                                      refresh  yourself  !


                               highlands passion fruit     

                                          bring some  back  !