Psycho Sally's Suitcase props

Psycho Sally's Suitcase of Props.

Naughty little Sally has a suitcase full of nasty little things.

Sally's serial killer suitcase
                An old suitcase with new lining, blood stained, and with the addition of the "weapon" bar. 

    (using acrylic inks, latex, varnish for decomposed look)
SEE: Rotted Skull Props page for BIGGER harder core pics!! 

antique newspaper articles
                 (hand-stained paper, with full written articles for the ULTIMATE in realism!!!!!

schoolgirl's antique rustic diary
                 Hand-made binding, cover and paper throughout. Fully written with complete diary entries,
                   complimented with dozens of distressed photos throughout.

                 (see below, a comparison with the "real" hammer from which it was molded)

Chopped off arm.. with lacerations and a nasty swollen bruise.
                 (latex skin with rigid foam interior, and with hand punched hair)

Toronto Stockyards employee badge (of my own design) 
Two variants paints. Hand sculpted from the base to every letter. 
Silicone mold cast with Smooth cast plastic and painted.