Sunrise, Amazon Rainforest, Bolivia

Early on in my tertiary education I came across a book: The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind by Julian Jaynes. Never before and never since have I read a book that has stricken me with such deep originality, passion and controversy. After finishing this book I immediately began researching the literature this book had inspired. To my amazement, the research testing the claims of this book were paltry in number. A life changing truth dawned on me: the study of Consciousness is so nebulous that even a grandiose theory like Jaynes’ cannot gain traction easily. Consciousness is a field without a paradigm or a fundamental framework in which to understand evidence. The juxtaposition between the closeness of Consciousness to human life and the distance science is from understanding Consciousness makes it the most fascinating field left in science. The study of Consciousness necessitates an eclectic understanding of Psychology, especially from a Cognitive Neuroscientific perspective and I knew soon after reading Jaynes that I was going to spend my life teaching and researching Consciousness.