Be a Volunteer!

We strive, each sale, to better the process. It takes a great deal of volunteer effort and a constant re-evaluation of the process to find new and improved ways to keep the sale in top notch condition. 

We always appreciate the willingness of volunteers to help make the sale excellent. You do not have to be at the event the whole time. In fact we have a few jobs that do not even take place during the event at all.

Before the Sale: 

Flyer Handout - Once the new sale flyers have been printed, they need to be distributed to local churches and day care centers (list of drop-off locations provided).

Item Labeling - Early donated items need to be labeled with a price (this is usually done in groups at the church).

Room Setup - The Wednesday evening before the sale is the room setup day where we put out the hanging racks, tables, signs around the rooms to guide buyers to the right locations. We usually begin around 6:30pm. Volunteers, generally church members, help us with setup. 

During the sale:

Room Monitors - Room monitors watch over one or two rooms during the sale to keep things organized, clothing folded, and children from getting into toy sets where the pieces could get lost, etc. (Often a room monitor can be simply sitting in the room in a chair and keeping an eye on things).

Cashiers - Cashiers (found upstairs) add up the tags of items being bought and take payment.

Tag Work - These are the people who are behind the scenes keeping track of the tags as items are purchased.

Bagging Purchases - Baggers are at the check out counter helping the cashiers by taking off tags and packing the purchased items into bags for the customer to take with them.

Providing Meals for Volunteers - Each day of the sale, food is provided for the people who are working.  It is best if the food choices can have a vegetarian option also.

Volunteers at work.

After the sale:

Clothes Sorting - Once the sale is done, we immediately begin sorting out the return items from the non-returns, and send off the non-returns to various charities in the area.

Donation Gathering & Delivery -We need people to collect items at the end of the sale for various charities and then deliver them to each charitable drop-off location.

Room Take Down - After the sale is done and most items have been sorted, we need people to help with taking down the clothing racks, putting the tables back where they came from, and taking down the signage. 

Packing up at the end.