Floor Plan

The events' main entrance is around to the back side of the church. When you first drive into the church main entrance go straight and then turn left and follow the curved road up and around to the back of the church. Once you have parked you will walk straight back to the part of the building which has several windows. Our main entrance is under the covered walkway through two glass double doors.

A - Infant Accessories: Socks, Shoes, Hats, Purses, etc.

B - Infant Use items: Blankets, Crib Sheets, Carrying Wraps, etc.

C - Stationary and Travel Furniture: Pack-N-Play, Cribs, Beds, etc.

D - Large Travel Items and Seats: Strollers, High Chairs, Layettes, etc.

E, F, K, & L - Little Girl's Clothing ( size Infant up to 3T)

G, H, M, & N - Little Boy's Clothing (size Infant up to 3T)

I & J - Cashiers and Checkout

O - Lost and Found

P -  Check In / Customer Service (electronic/expensive small items kept here)


1 - Maternity Clothing (and Other Maternity Items)

2 - Shoes (Boys & Girls, Size 4 to 14+)

7 & 9 -  Boys' Clothing (Sizes 4 to 14+)

8 - Girls' Clothing (Sizes 4 to 14+)

Front Entrance - Stuffed Animals

18 & 19 - Toys

20 - Books, Videos, Puzzles, Electronic Games, & Card games