Seller related questions:

1) How can I become a seller at the next children's consignment sale?

To become a seller at the next sale you may email us at CUMC.UMW.CCS@gmail.com.  Be sure to include your phone number and address. You may also sign up at any sale to become a seller. The sign up sheet is located at the main entrance table. In advance of each sale we send a reminder email and later we email a packet of information and a tag sheet to your email, unless you request that a paper copy be sent to your address. 

2) I have sold in this sale in the past, will my seller number be the same as previous years?

Your seller number remains the same from year to year.

Please note that while your number does not change, you will still need to notify us by sending an email to CUMC.UMW.CCS@gmail.com , of your intent to sell at each sale. Registration is not automatic. Once your are registered we will note this on our Registered Sellers page. You can also confirm your seller number from this page.

3) Can I sell other items that are not for children or maternity?

No. This sale is for items that are for children or maternity only.

4) Is there any charge or fee to sell in this event?

There is no fee up front to participate in this sale. The only fee is based on a percentage of your earnings. You will receive 60% of the total amount at which your items sell and the UMW will collect the remaining 40 %. You will receive your check within two weeks after the conclusion of the sale. Note: If the total amount you earn is less than $5.00, you will not receive a check.

If you wish to have items returned to you after the sale, there will be a mandatory $10.00 deposit required prior to the sale. When you return and pick up your items, this deposit will be returned to you. Pick up time is NOW 3:30 - 4:30 p.m. on Saturday. Please double check both downstairs and upstairs to make sure that you have collected all of your items. Any items not picked up by 4:00 p.m. will be donated to local charities.

5) What percentage of the profits do I make on my sales?

You will receive 60% of the total amount at which your items sell. Note: If the total amount you earn is less than $5.00, you will not receive a check.

6) What types of items can I sell at this event?

Click Here for a general list of the types of items that you may sell at this event.

7) If my items do not sell can I have them returned to me?

Yes. If you wish to have items returned to you after the sale, there will be a mandatory $10.00 deposit required prior to the sale. When you return and pick up your items, this deposit will be returned to you. 

8) If I do not want to sell, can I donate the items to the UMW to sell?

Yes. If you would like to donate items to the UMW rather then sell them yourself, you may arrange to do this by contacting us through email at CUMC.UMW.CCS@gmail.com

We prefer to receive these items in advance of the sale, if possible, since the staff will need to hand mark them for sale. Please let us know as much in advance as possible.


Buyer related questions:

1) Can I return or exchange an item once I have made a purchase?

No. Unfortunately once we have sold the item and removed the tag, it is impossible for us to match the item back up to the seller. If you are interested in making a clothing purchase, you are welcome to bring your child with you to the sale. There are bathrooms available on both floors for changing. We ask that you please be considerate and return items to hangers or piles where you found them if you decide not to purchase.

2) What methods of payment do you accept for purchases?

Cash or Personal check (made out to 'Cameron UMW').

3) Where is the entrance to the sale?

The main entrance for the sale is off of the upper church parking lot. As you turn into the church, at 3130 Franconia Road, you will see the lower parking lot to your right. Continue forward approaching the church and then turn left and follow the curved road as it continues up toward the upper parking lot. From the upper parking lot, you will see a covered walkway. Follow the walkway straight forward to the main entrance for the sale.

4) Can I bring my own bag to shop with?

Yes. We also have cloth lavender shopping bags that you can use to shop with.

5) What is the layout of the rooms for the sale, and where will I find certain items?

Click here to see a floor plan layout of the sale and where you will find items.

6) Is there an elevator to get downstairs with my stroller?

Unfortunately no. The church does not have an elevator, but you may either carry your stroller and items downstairs with you or visit the Customer Service table, near the entrance, and they may be able to direct you to a place where you may store your things while you shop.

7) I found an item that does not have a ticket on it, is it for sale?

No. If an item does not have a tag on it, we can not sell it. The item will be placed in lost and found. We make attempts to find the seller for lost and found items, but there is no guarentee that the item will be claimed. Consult with the customer service desk with any further questions regarding lost and found items. Customer service is located near the main entrance.

8) What are your hours of operation?

Friday       9:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Saturday   9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

9) I heard there was a time during the sale that items would be available for half price/50% off when does this happen?

All items that are NOT marked as a return will be sold at 50% of the listed price on Saturday only.

10) Do you check for product recalls?

No. Unfortunately we are unable to check in advance for any product recalls. We encourage you to check on this in advance or use a mobile device to search for product recall notifictions with a website such as WeMakeItSafer.com or another similar website.

Other questions:

1) How can I volunteer to help with the event?

Volunteers are most welcome. We have many Volunteer roles that need to be filled during each sale. If you are interested, please let us know through email at CUMC.UMW.CCS@gmail.com

2) I am not able to volunteer for the two days of the sale, is there some other time or some other way I can support this event?

Yes. We have Volunteer roles that are done outside of sale hours. Also, many volunteers are needed on the Thursday before the sale when the sellers are bringing in their items. If you volunteer to help on thursday you may also purchase items that day, even if you are not a seller, but you must help a substantial amount. This is determined by the managers.

3) What places do you donate the unsold items to after the sale?

We donate unsold items to local charities in the area. For a list of these charities click here.

4) Is there a way I can make comments or provide feedback on the sale?

Yes. We have a page where you can provide us feedback or simply contact us regarding the sale. Click here. Or send an email to CUMC.UMW.CCS@gmail.com .