Cameroid turns your Android phone into a surveillance camera. In configurable time intervals Cameroid sends the latest image from the phone's camera to your GMail or Picasa account. 

With cameroid you can always see what is currently going on at your home. Cameroid turns your old android device (works on >1.5) into an expensive WiFi enabled IP camera to secure your property.

In combination with Picasa, Cameroid allows you to create time lapse videos. You can capture e.g. plants growing, clouds moving or ice melting (desktop version of Picasa is required).  

To allow Cameroid send you latest images you need to provide your GMail account credentials. To synchronize with Picasa and creating time lapse videos follow the short tutorial below. 


1) Allow e-mail upload to picasa

2) Start Cameroid on your phone and setup the Picasa e-mail adress in Cameroid settings (also setup your GMail credentials to allow Cameroid send out e-mails). You may also fine tune other settings as picture scaling, capture interval and quality.

3) Return to the Cameroid main screen and point your camera on the object of your interest.

4) See your pictures uploaded in the Drop Box album on Picasa webalbums

5) Make slideshow or time lapse out of your photos (desktop version of picasa needs to be installed in order to make movies)

The resulting Time Lapse

Cameroid Time Lapse