Hidden Camera School Toilet : Panasonic Hd 3d Camera.

Hidden Camera School Toilet

hidden camera school toilet
    hidden camera
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hidden camera school toilet - BlueSource HYR270
BlueSource HYR270 HydroRight Drop-in Dual Flush Converter by MJSI
BlueSource HYR270  HydroRight Drop-in Dual Flush Converter by MJSI
Converts standard flush toilet to a dual flush. 2 button flush design. Quick flush can use up to 70% less water. No tools necessary. No need to remove the tank to install. Works with most standard flush valves that use a flapper. Mansfield toilets require installation of a standard flush valve, sold separately. Works on front and side mount levers.

MJSI’s HYR270 HydroRight drop-in dual-flush converter can save a family of four more than 15,000 gallons of water per year by providing users a choice between a full or reduced flush. Designed and patented to simply drop in to your toilet tank and attach to the existing flush valve, installation of the HydroRight requires no tank removal or tools and can be completed in less than 10 minutes. The HydroRight works with all standard two- and two-and-a-half-inch flush valves and provides consumers an inexpensive, hassle-free way to save water.
At a Glance

HYR270 HydroRight
Drop-In Dual-Flush
Converter At A Glance:

Uses up to 70 percent less water for liquids and paper

Installs without tools in 5 to 10 minutes—tank removal not required

Works with all standard-flush valves

Requires 10-inch minimum clearance from highest point of the flush valve opening to the inside of the tank lid

At a Glance

HYR270 HydroRight drop-in dual-flush converter
MJSI's HydroRight dual-flush converter easily and inexpensively transforms your standard toilet into a water- and money-saving appliance (view larger).

Saving Water and Money
Central to dual-flush technology is the water savings that can be realized by a quick-flush setting using lower water volumes for liquids and paper. A second, full-flush setting uses the standard amount of water for solids. Industry experts agree that four out of five flushes require only the amount of water used in the quick-flush setting—meaning 80 percent of flushes waste money and water on all toilets that are not dual flush. An independent study found that the HydroRight showed average water savings of 30 percent, with some instances reaching up to 50 percent. Not only does the HydroRight help to preserve natural resources, it also proves to be more economical than purchasing an entirely new dual-flush toilet, which can cost upward of several hundred dollars.
The Case for Dual-Flush Technology
Arriving first as dual-flush toilets, more recent plumbing innovation has produced dual-flush converters that retrofit existing toilets into dual-flush systems. The HydroRight converter includes a two-button handle that gives users the ability to select the amount of water being used during the flush: the quick flush for liquids and paper and the full flush for solids. Adjusting the water flow for both flushes is quickly and easily done inside the tank thanks to the HydroRight. In addition, because the HydroRight’s dome gasket sits in the drain hole rather than a flapper, problems associated with flappers—like leaks and broken or tangled chains—are eliminated. The USEPA estimates that 20 percent of all toilets leak up to 200 gallons of water a day (the equivalent of 73,000 gallons a year), mostly because of faulty flappers. Not with the HydroRight: To install, remove the old flapper and handle, slide dual flush down the overflow tube inside your tank and tighten, and replace the handle with button and set the quick-flush amount. No more jiggling the handle to flush properly.
Industry-Leading Innovation
MJSI, Inc., headquartered in Shorewood, Illinois, is the manufacturer of a portfolio of products that are devoted to water conservation and sound environmental plumbing. Recognized as toilet-efficiency experts, MJSI’s innovation has expanded the plumbing market from repairs to improvements in efficient toilet construction. Not only is the HydroRight the recipient of the Chicago Innovation Award, it has also been awarded numerous honors by Popular Mechanics, Handy magazine, and Hardware Retailing magazine.
What's in the Box
One MJSI HYR270 HydroRight drop-in dual-flush converter, one two-button flush handle, one cam adjuster, two zip ties, and installation instructions.

HYR270 HydroRight drop-in dual-flush converterHYR270 HydroRight drop-in dual-flush converter
The HydroRight is easy to install in your toilet's tank and connects to a two-button handle, allowing for quick-flush and full-flush capabilities (click each to enlarge).

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A Bridge to Far Bhendi Bazar
A Bridge to Far Bhendi Bazar
This is the pavement where dreams live, sleep and wake up in the betrayal of a guilt of unloving…the lady with her posterior on the face of my camera knows I am shooting her picture so she is showing me the brighter side of her life. The guy who is giving her water is a water vendor , he carries water in a huge pouch made of buffalo hide , in Urdu it is called Mashq. He gets the water from wells. She the old lady lives on this pavement , this is her personal fiefdom, overhead is the Bridge to Nowhere called the JJ Bridge , officially it is called the Makhdoom Shah Baba Bridge the Holy Saint from Mahim . Just ahead from where she fills water is the Bhendi Bazar Bus stop. Here lives the heroine of my story the little girl child , she was born here like her parents and their parents .Her grandmother is the matriarch of this clan sells gemstones , trinkets on this pavement since time immemorial. The Grandmother has a fine sculpted face, and has a few sons a few daughters all handsome ,, pretty and robust. The sons all married to women as ugly as sin live on this pavement too.. The daughters live on the pavement too.. The little girl child studies in a Urdu medium Municipal School and every Friday I would find her on my visits to the adjacent Chor Bazar studying seriously ,, but the moment she saw me , she knew I would be taking their pictures, and her cousins would all start posing for me.. There are no walls, no windows to this brickless human abode.. Feasts are celebrated, deaths, births all on the pavement, marriages too.. Food s cooked eaten also on the pavement,. The toilet is a communal one the same side of the road; you have to pay to use the services. So this is life , today is Friday but I have stopped going to Chor Bazaar completely , wife says no more junk, and shooting Negs on my Nikon F100 is a back breaking enterprise with my injured and useless right hand. I have bought a lot of gems semi precious from the vendors of Bhendi Bazar , they all know me , earlier they conned me too but gradually I came of age.. This set is about their lives through my camera eyes.. I have even shot them on Badi Rat the all Awakening Night of the Sunni Muslims.. This is my tribute to their collective force of living with dignity on the roads..
Toilet Instructions
Toilet Instructions
Another amusing sign. One thing about traveling overseas, is getting use to the idea of asking where the "toilet" is (that's generally considered a rude expression in North America).

hidden camera school toilet
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