Thermal Imaging Camera

thermal imaging camera
    thermal imaging camera
  • Ruggedized infrared equipment used by some firefighters to detect hidden people, animals, heat sources (i.e., fire) and structural compromise.
  • An expensive item that works much like a regular video camera, except that it shows images in temperature. The color red for hot and blue for cold, with variations for differences. This is a great tool for detecting cold or hot spots and being able to track them.
  • A thermal imaging camera (colloquially known as a TIC) is a type of thermographic camera used in firefighting. By rendering infrared radiation as visible light, such cameras allow firefighters to see areas of heat through smoke, darkness, or heat-permeable barriers.
thermal imaging camera - FLIR i7
FLIR i7 Thermal Imaging Camera 120 x 120 Resolution
FLIR i7 Thermal Imaging Camera 120 x 120 Resolution
The Extech FLIR i7 thermal camera is designed to comply with proposed RESNET standards at an affordable price. JPEG format allows both analysis and sharing. Each image can be analyzed using included QuickReport PC software. It's the perfect tool for weatherization agencies, energy auditors and restoration contractors. LCD Display: 2.8in. Color

Use the FLIR i7 Compact Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera to detect problems before they become crises. The FLIR i7 is one of the smallest, lightest, and most powerful thermal cameras on the market. This powerful, non-invasive monitoring and diagnostic tool features intuitive one-handed operation, a 2.8-inch LCD color screen, precise thermal sensitivity, a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, and a storage capacity of up to 5,000 images. The included QuickReport software makes sharing and analysis of radiometric images a quick and easy.
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i7 Compact IR Camera
At a Glance:
Detect hidden problems and make quick damage assessments

Large, 2.8-inch LCD color screen with 120 by 120 pixel thermal resolution

Store up to 5,000 images on camera's microSD card

Rugged body with intuitive, one-handed operation meets IP43 standards

QuickReport software analyzes images, prepares reports, and adjusts image settings

Two-year warranty on parts and labor

At a Glance

FLIR i7 Compact IR Camera
Provides powerful non-invasive monitoring to detect hidden problems. View larger.

QuickReport Software
Analyze images and generate temperature report using QuickReport software.
View larger.
Find Problems, Evaluate Work, and Schedule Repairs
Improperly functioning equipment can be dangerous or lead to lost productivity if not detected soon enough. Infrared inspection with the FLIR i7 will reveal minor variations in temperature that can signal electrical and mechanical failures, leaky air ducts, missing insulation, and moisture problems. Inspect motors, transformers, circuit breakers, pumps, heating and cooling systems, new equipment installations, and repairs by contractors.
Roof and house inspectors, energy auditors, and asphalt-paving companies can rely on thermal cameras to ensure and report on quality jobs. With RESNET approved thermal resolution of 120 by 120 pixels, the FLIR i7 makes it easy to detect hidden problems in your home and work environment, allowing you to make quick damage assessments and be proactive rather than reactive.
FLIR i7 Compact IR Camer
2.8-inch color LCD screen
View larger.
One-Handed Operation and Large Color Screen
At 12 ounces, the FLIR i7 fits in a pocket, tool kit, or belt. It has an ergonomic handle, easy-to-access buttons, and an intuitive navigation pad that allow for quick, one-handed adjustments and setting changes. The double-molded, rugged design with easy-grip handle construction meets IP43 dust/splash proof standards. The i7 comes packed in a hard carrying case.
You'll enjoy the convenience of focus-free viewing through the large, 2.8-inch LCD color screen and high-resolution display. With a 120 by 120 pixel image resolution, a high accuracy rate of 2 percent, thermal sensitivity of 0.1 degrees Celsius (compliant to NETA testing requirements), and a temperature detection range from -4 to 482 degrees Fahrenheit (-20 to 250 degrees Celsius), the FLIR i7 helps you find problems faster and easier.
The camera features three display measurement modes: spot (center), area (min/max), and isotherm (above/below). Custom settings--including locking the temperature range and configuring your preferred color palette--allow you to tailor the display to your exact preferences.
5,000 Image Capacity and Li-Ion Battery for All-Day Use
With the quick pull of a trigger, the FLIR i7 saves an image to a 512 MB microSD card inside the camera for later analysis. Up to 5,000 radiometric images can be saved in JPEG format. The thumbnail gallery feature allows for quick searching through stored images.
The included rechargeable lithium-ion battery lasts over four hours for uninterrupted inspections, allowing you to get through a project without a single charge. For added convenience, you can plug the charger directly into the camera for recharging--no need to remove the battery.
QuickReport: Instantly Go from Import to Report
Each radiometric image can be organized and analyzed using the included QuickReport PC software. The built-in report templates allow the user to include either two infrared images, or an infrared image and a digital photo, in reports. Image descriptions and text and voice comments can be transferred automatically into the report. Use QuickReport to add your company logo to inspection reports, drag and drop images, preview report pages, and add text comments. Inspection reports can be emailed and exported into Microsoft Excel, Word, or PowerPoint, or to the FLIR Reporter software, without any loss of valuable radiometric data.
QuickReport allows you to adjust the level, span, zoom, and pan of the camera. It features a choice of 10 different color palettes, and allows you to change isotherm and temperature levels, as well as create spot meters, lines, and areas. The alarm displays risk of surface condensation, mold growth, and inadequate insulation at variable parameters that you set.
This camera measures 8-4/5 by 3-1/10 by 3-3/10 inches (H x W x D).
Warranty Information
The FLIR i7 is backed by a manufacturer's two-year limited warranty on parts and labor.
What's in the Box
Camera, microSD card, miniSD adapter, battery, AC adapter with EU, UK, US, and Australian plugs, QuickReport software, USB cable, hand strap, carrying case, and CD of Manual and Documentation included.

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Thermal imaging camera
Thermal imaging camera
Lord Drayson, Minister for Science and Innovation, stands in front of a thermal imaging camera during his visit to one of the projects in Eltham, south east London for the launch of the Technology Strategy Board’s ‘Retrofit for the Future’. Photo credit: Matt Faber/PA Wire
Grill-mounted thermal imaging camera
Grill-mounted thermal imaging camera
Close up of FLIR's PathFindIR thermal imaging camera on the Proforma HUMMER (visible between the U and the M). Thermal imaging technology may alert driver to humans or animals in a vehicle's path and thereby prevent traffic casualties.

thermal imaging camera
thermal imaging camera
FLIR i3 Compact InfraRed Camera
Amazingly affordable, the i3 is a perfect thermal camera for inspectors and home owners who are new to thermography. It's also an affordable option for pros who need to arm every member of their team with a thermal camera. The i3 scans large areas quickly and effectively, providing crisp, clean JPEG imagery and highly accurate pixel by pixel temperature data. The i3 gives home owners, energy auditors, building inspectors, electrical inspectors, insulation contractors, and other building and predictive maintenance professionals a high quality, costeffective, thermal imaging tool.

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