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Legal advise is not given but the following may help you find the information you want in the Civil Code.

Davis Sterling Act - California Civil Code

Remember: The people in the office, the people you do your book work and process your H.O.A. fees all work for you. They are not your boss and they can't just make up the rules. They are your employees. You pay them to do the work you are too busy to do just like you pay your baby sitter, housekeeper and the dry cleaner down the street. 


Can you change the CC&R, Governing Doc's Bylaws????

Bonds & FHA - Board bonded? Do you know who is on your board? How about FHA?

Former HOA President and former owner Winteringham arrested 

Document Viewing - Are you allowed to view and copy the documents?

HOA Documents - The HOA can't SELL DOCUMENTS but you can copy them!

TICKET? FEE? FINES? Before you pay, find out if the HOA jacked up the fee illegally. Are they FAIR or seem a bit punitive?

QUESTIONS  Have a question? Opinions here! Discuss the answer.

TREES   in Lawns - Falling Over - Wrong Tree? - What to Plant