Beth's Tatting
Shuttles are not optional

Tatting, for the uninitiated, is a form of lace making based on tying a series of half-hitches around a central thread. These threads are then looped into circles and chains.  It has been called "poor man's lace" in the past, but I find this term offensive. For a better explanation, here's what wikapedia has to say.

 I've been tatting for about 9 years now. My mom first taught me the summer before I turned fifteen (For those of you don't care to do the math, that makes me a little over 24 years old). I caught on and had so much fun I've been tatting ever since. I like to go through all the pieces I've made and remember where I was when I made them. I have been to hundreds of other people's tatting websites, and I've always wanted one of my own and through the miracle of googlepages my dream has come true. Visit my gallery! Lots of fun pictures! 

I have not really tatted much since August 2006, sadly. Instead I have discovered that spinning and knitting can be fun. For more information, visit the spinning and knitting part of my site.